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Types of Orthotics

Types of Orthotics

Walk Without Pain offers a wide range of comfortable orthotics suitable for many conditions and budgets. The aim of our orthotics is to reduce pain and discomfort, reduce stresses placed on the feet, legs and lower back as well as to improve gait and over balance in the body. Our podiatrists have extensive biomechanical knowledge and experience from many years of practice in the Brisbane region.


With four types of orthotics available we are sure to have an effective orthotic solution for you. Our range of orthotics includes custom made orthotics, designed especially for your foot needs; as well as padded insoles, “Component” prefabricated orthotics, and our patented Copythotic technique.

Custom Orthotics

The custom orthotic is the most aggressive orthotic and will provide the most stability and support for the foot. Each foot is either casted or scanned with a 3D laser and an orthotic is prescribed and created to best suit the biomechanics of your two feet. Custom orthotics can be made of a wide range of materials to best suit the comfort and needs of your lifestyle, whether that is standing all day at work or playing sports on the weekend. These orthotics provide support and cushioning and are generally a very comfortable orthotic as they created with materials of your choice.


Our component orthotics are a slightly cheaper style of orthotics. Whilst they are altered and fitted to meet your needs and foot biomechanics, they are not specifically made for your foot. Being a prefabricated device they generally ready a lot quicker than custom orthotics but are slightly chunkier and cannot fit into all shoes. These are still a comfortable orthotic style and still provide support and cushioning for the foot.


Our third style of orthotic device, The Copythotic, is a softer, slimmer style of orthotic. This comfortable orthotic can be made in range of densities and thicknesses to fit into 95% of shoe possibilities, including narrow dress shoes. This orthotic is moulded from a previous orthotic although slight modifications can be made. These orthotics tend to be lightweight and flexible due the large range of materials that they can be made of. These are very comfortable orthotics and are around 60% cheaper than having a brand new custom orthotic designed for your foot. As these orthotics are based off a previous orthotic and are altered to be smaller and slimmer it is possible for it to become less effective than a chunkier custom orthotic.


For more information on the best orthotic to suit your feet pop in and see one of our podiatrists for a consultation.

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