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Medicare Podiatrists in Brisbane

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Podiatry and Medicare

Visits to a Medicare podiatrist in Brisbane may be bulk billed under certain conditions. It is up to your GP to provide you with an EPC or Enhanced Primary Care plan before your Medicare eligibility is ‘turned-on’.  This funding is available to people with complex medical problems that have some effect on their feet.  For example, arthritis of the feet causing pain, or arthritis of the back that restricts your ability to care for your feet may qualify.  Other common complaints that may require a visit to a Medicare podiatrist include painful conditions of the feet arising from a systemic complaint and assessment/management of the feet of diabetics.  There is a limit of five visits per year across any mixture of the offered allied health services.  This means that if you use a physiotherapist and a dietitian and a podiatrist, there is a five visit maximum for all providers put together, not five for each type of provider. Please discuss your eligibility for this scheme with your general practitioner.

If you are not a pensioner, there will be a small shortfall between the cost of visiting our podiatry clinics and the Medicare rebate, meaning a small out of pocket cost for regular treatment. This is around $8. More advanced treatments such as shockwave therapy, laser and injection treatments will incur a higher out of pocket cost – please ask the receptionist when booking or head to our fees list under the Contact Us tab. We are able to process your Medicare claims on the spot. We will always send a report back to your referring doctor when we receive a new referral or with the results of tests or treatments.

You may also be aware that for referrals by a Medicare podiatrist for X-ray investigations of the foot, leg, knee and hip and ultrasonography of the foot and ankle at many radiology clinics are bulk billed.  Some clinics do charge an out of pocket cost at their discretion.  Your podiatrist will prefer to send you to a bulk billing podiatrist where possible.  We try to co-operate with your GP if we require blood tests or more high-tech scans as Medicare does not provide rebates for these tests when ordered by a podiatrist. Read More.

Looking for a Medicare Podiatrist in Brisbane?

As a Medicare Podiatrist, we offer a service called bulk billing. Technically, we send off multiple bills to Medicare for a rebate on our consultation fees. Put simply it is when your podiatrist sends the bill straight to Medicare, so you won’t have to pay a penny under certain conditions.

A Medicare Podiatry Service Allows You To Access Treatments That Are Covered Or Partially Covered

You’ll be relieved to find that you won’t have to wait for your Medicare claims to be processed. We action your claim when you are there.

Under Medicare podiatry, we can offer simple consultations or services for those with complex or severe medical problems that cause issues with your feet. Examples of these include:

  • Arthritis of the feet.
  • Back issues, including arthritis or anything that makes it impossible for you to take appropriate care of your feet.
  • Diabetes, which can cause painful conditions of the feet.

Your GP should be able to offer you advice and documentation if you have complex or chronic medical conditions that affect your feet.

We have a few advanced services included with our Medicare podiatrists. These include

  • X-ray investigations of the feet, legs, knees, and hips.
  • Ultrasonography of the foot and ankle.
  • A report prepared and sent back to your doctor whenever there is a new referral or results of a test.
  • Reports of treatments sent to your doctor, so they can be updated on any health concerns you might have regarding your feet.

When using your Medicare for a podiatrist, be aware that you are eligible for five visits a year across allied health providers. So, if you need other health services such as physiotherapy or dietary advice, you should check the status of your Medicare allowance with your general practitioner.

Partially Costed Treatments

In some cases, such as if you are under pensionable age, there is a deficit between the cost of your visit to Walk Without Pain and the rebate. This can be an out-of-pocket cost when it comes to regular treatment. It is often no more than $8.

We also offer more advanced treatments under Medicare. These include

  • Shockwave Therapy – a reasonably new treatment that applies to painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis or other heel issues.
  • Laser toenail fungus removal.
  • Injection Treatments – including steroid or cortisone injections for inflammation or pain.

These may incur an out-of-pocket cost, so please do speak to our receptionist when you book with us or take a look through our fees section.

Our Medicare Podiatrist Will Liaise With Your Doctor

Communication between us, you, and your GP is crucial to bulk billing. Make sure that your GP provides you with an Enhanced Primary Care Plan so that your Medicare eligibility is turned on.

That said, we are always keen to keep in touch with your GP. We will liaise with them if we require blood tests or high-tech scans. These are not covered by Medicare when ordered by a podiatrist, but with your doctor’s help, we can try to have the cost lowered.

Contact Us For More Information Or Book Your Podiatry Appointment With Medicare Online

If you have any questions about how we process Medicare or our Medicare Podiatrist services in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always contactable via email, and you can book with us online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Alternatively, take a look at our Contact Us page and call one of our clinics. Read Less.

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