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Podiatrist Toowong

Podiatrist Toowong: Phone 3878 5590 to make an appointment, or use the button below for online bookings.

Walk Without Pain Podiatry, located within Indooroopilly Shoppingtown, have been treating patients in the Toowong and surrounding suburbs area for many years. We offer an extensive range of treatments including…

  • General podiatry – nail care, removal of callus & painful corns
  • Orthotics – 3D scanned & cheaper alternatives
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Prolotherapy – to treat soft tissue injuries & irritated nerves
  • Laser for fungal nails
  • Diabetic foot assessments & wound care
  • Ingrown toenail surgery
  • Mobilisation for stiff & arthritic joints
  • Assessment of alignment issues

Podiatrist Toowong

Car – Indooroopilly Shoppingtown is located at 318 Moggill Road, Indooroopilly. There is ample car parking and parking for less than three hours is free. Senior customers can register and collect a Seniors Car Park Pass from the customer service desk.

Bus – The Indooroopilly bus station is located just outside the entrance to the main food court. This bus station is a major transport hub for the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Train – Indooroopilly train station is on the Ipswich line and is located one kilometre away on Station Road.

Taxi – Taxi stands are located outside the Myer and foodcourt  entrances.

Disabled Access is available – Wheelchairs and scooters access the podiatry clinic via the elevator near the Australia Post Office on level 2. All major entry and exits into the centre have disabled parking spaces. The podiatry clinic itself is also wheelchair friendly.

Online bookings available, or alternatively ph 3878 5590 to make an appointment…

Opening hours:

Mon 8:30am – 5:00pm

Tues 8:30am- 5:00pm

Wed 8:30am – 5:00pm

Thurs 8:30am – 6:30pm

Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm

Alternate Saturdays 8:30am – 12:00pm

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