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Foot & Ankle Specialist Brisbane

Do you have pain in any of these areas?

Highly Trained Foot Doctors in Brisbane

Foot doctors are the primary health care professionals for disorders of the feet – and for problems that feet may cause elsewhere in the body.
Below is a list of the most common complaints that might bring you to see a Foot Doctor in Brisbane.  Please call us today if you need immediate pain relief or long-term correction.  Together, our podiatrists in Brisbane have over 120 years experience, 280 hours of extra specialised foot training each year and over 30 000 feet examined.


What Might my Food & Ankle Specialist Do?

Nails and Skin
Corns, callus & pressure areas*
Cracked or thickened heels*
Infection of the nails or skin*
Ingrown or infected toenails*
Deformed or thickened nails
Painful areas

Foot pain
Ball of the foot / metatarsalgia*
Heel spurs/plantar fasciitis/Arch pain*
Ankle pain / sprains
Numbness and tingling / Neuropathy*
Morton’s neuroma / electric shock toes*
Muscle and tendon pain
Calf or Achilles tendon pain*
Arthritic and joint pain.
Poor tolerance to standing.

Higher Pain
Shin splints*
Knee pain, especially at kneecap*
Hip / Iliotibial band syndrome*
Lower back / sacroiliac pain
Central back pain
Pain underneath the shoulder blades
Headaches and neck pain†


Foot & Ankle Clinic:  Reasons to see a Foot Doctor in Brisbane.

Virtually all muscle, joint and ligament pain in the feet can be treated by our foot doctor in Brisbane. Often these problems are caused by poor foot mechanics (the way bones, joints and soft tissue interact and move) and can be solved completely. Even incurable foot conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis that cause pain in the feet can be relieved if the foot is made to work more efficiently. Consider that, if you had a sore joint anywhere in your body, and the way that your body used that joint lead to the two bone ends coming together with more force than they needed to, you would expect more pain.  By coming for assessment and treatment our Brisbane’s foot and ankle clinic, where we can make the joints work more efficiently and more gently, pain can be reduced, even where the underlying condition remains.

† If, when on your feet for an hour, you suffer foot, leg, back, shoulder and neck pain, the trail of painful areas makes it likely that the higher pains are foot related. If you have headaches but no trail, it is not likely that the feet are the problem.

If you have Diabetes, you might also we wondering about the role of a Foot Doctor in managing your condition. Our podiatrists have created a very comprehensive guide that is available to you as free foot information.  Use this link to read the guide Diabetes and Your Feet.

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