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Fungal Nail Laser Brisbane

Fungal Nail Laser Brisbane

Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics Brisbane is pleased to offer PinPointe laser treatment for the treatment of infected, fungal nails. We provide the following information as an introduction to the topic.  If you feel that this treatment may be suitable for you, please call us on 3256 1006 to arrange a consultation.    Stephanie Cosgrove. Podiatrist

What causes nail fungus (also known as Onychomycosis) ?

How did I get this fungal nail infection ?

How to treat fungal nail infections ?

Read the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regarding oral medication warning here

Laser for fungal toenail infection
PinPointe Laser Technology

In other FAQs on this website, we have discussed the potential dangers of systemic anti-fungal drugs which have caused serious injury and even death, both in Australia and overseas.  A link above will take you to a 2008 report on the topic and a warning issued by an Australian Government agency on the matter. Our clinic suggests that, as unsightly and embarrassing as this fungal nail problem can be, patients need to carefully weigh up whether to risk their health to resolve it.  We are pleased to offer an effective alternative that has no systemic side effects whatsoever.

What is PinPointe Laser for Fungal Nails ?

This Fungal Nail Laser treatment kills the fungal infection that lives in, under and around the affected nail and nail bed. The laser emits a series of pulses of light which passes through the nail and into the nail bed below without causing damage to the nail or the skin. The frequency of the light source is specifically calibrated to kill fungal spores and leave human skin tissue undamaged.

How long does laser treatment for fungal toenails take to work ?

Whilst the fungi are killed very efficiently at the time of the procedure, the damaged nail cannot repair itself.  New nail will need to grow up from the base and push the damaged nail out to be trimmed off as it grows. This means that the nail will not be cosmetically different immediately after the treatment, but will clear as it grows.

What will happen at my consultation ?

Firstly, we will examine your nail and determine if it is suitable for treatment.  The pros and cons of treatment (as contained here) will be discussed and any questions you may have can be answered.  If you elect to proceed with treatment, the procedure will usually be done on the same day.  This is a safe process which takes around 30 minutes and generally creates only a warm sensation for the client.  It is a walk-in, walk-out procedure which does not require local or other anaesthesia. A follow up visit is scheduled for around three months time.  As a matter of course, we usually relaser the nails at this visit, no matter how good they are looking. This is to discourage any new infection from moving into the nail over time.  Any visits subsequent to the initial application of the laser will attract standard podiatry consultation fees. There is no additional charge to relaser nails for which you have already paid a laser fee.

Does fungal nail laser treatment work ?

International clinical studies of the PinPointe Laser kills nail fungus and promotes clear nail growth in more than 88% of cases. PinPointe Laser has been found to be safe, effective and to have the best chance of patients improvement of any other studied modality.  Australian studies are underway.

What happens after the treatment by Fungal Nail Laser ?

After leaving the clinic, you should continue to avoid nail polish for the majority of the time.  We will provide you with written information on how the avoid reinfection of the treated nails.  You can read about the required aftercare here. This home maintenance is very important to the success of the treatment.

What is the cost of fungal nail laser treatment in Brisbane ?

Providing the PinPointe laser device as a treatment option for our patients required a significant expense in purchasing the unit and further commitment to training our staff to ensure the best possible outcome. We offer three options for treatment.

All nails:  If more than two nails on two feet are affected or if the skin of the feet has a fungal infection, all nails should be treated.  The cost of this option is $510 and includes the podiatry visit to prepare the nails and the antifungal product you will require to start your aftercare.

One Foot: If the infection is contained to one foot, it can be treated alone.  The cost is $280 and includes the visit but not the required aftercare treatment.

One or two nails:  Cost $200 including the podiatry visit but not the aftercare products. These can be purchased from any chemist or from our clinic at cost.

Any subsequent visits over the course of the treated nails growing out is charged as a standard visit.  Please also be aware that medical insurance provides only a small rebate for treatment, generally less than $50. You may wish to check with your insurer.  The item code for laser is F145, although many funds do not allow the use of F145 in conjunction with a plain consult. If they do not recognise the laser treatment code, you will still be able to claim a plain consultation code, F004of F012.

Can the PinPointe laser be used on fingernails ?

Yes. The process is just the same to use laser in treating fungal fingernails.

Is treatment with the anti-fungal laser safe?

Yes, it is.  There have been hundreds of thousands of applications of this technology around the world.  We have only found one reported case of an adverse reaction and that can be directly attributed to the practitioner doing something that was patently ‘stupid’. Specially calibrated protective goggles are worn by the clinician and the patient whenever the unit is turned on or in standby mode to prevent any possible eye damage which may occur if the unit were activated and pointed directly into the eye from a close proximity.  Nothing is absorbed during treatment and no radiation is released meaning that the treatment is safe for pregnant and breast feeding women.  Children may not accompany you into the treatment room whilst the laser is in use.


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