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Heel Spur Treatment

How To Treat A Heel Spur

If you are experiencing pain in the heels of your feet and either has been diagnosed as having a heel spur or believe that this may be the cause of your discomfort then heel spur treatment available right here in Brisbane at Walk Without Pain podiatry clinics.With over 120 years combined experience, our team of nine poidiatrists are fully equipped and ready to deliver the most modern treatments and put the best technologies at our disposal to great effect in assisting you with this incredibly uncomfortable problem. We have 4 clinics and no matter what your schedule is like you will be able to find an appointment time that suits you. We operate Monday through Saturday and offer out of hours appointments for those that cannot make it in during normal work hours.

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While podiatry typically is viewed as a somewhat expensive service, here at Walk Without Pain we do our utmost to lessen the financial blow and as such our rates are considered much more affordable than our competitors. What’s more, given that we have alliances with Medicare Private and BUPA, we are in the fortunate position to offer special rates and reductions in some instances. The availability of HICAPS rebates at each of our clinics also seeks to make podiatry a much more accessible service to as many of our fellow Australians as possible.

How Shockwave Therapy For Heel Spurs Treatments Works

In order to alleviate the pain of a heel spur, professional attention is required. A heel spur is basically a hook of bone that is brought about by a build-up of calcium on the base of the heel bone. It isn’t a sudden issue that presents, but rather develops over time and is usually set off by strain brought on the foot, or stretching the plantar fascia. Athletes most commonly suffer from this problem, however, it is something that anybody that jogs, runs or participates in jumping as part of their exercise can develop.

While there are simple solutions available in terms of orthotic inserts that can be customised to reduce the pain and ease the discomfort felt, here at Walk Without Pain we also use extracorporeal shockwave therapy for heel spurs(ESWT).

This process is completely non-invasive and involves the delivery of a shock directed at the heel spur which increases blood flow to the area. The result is that your heel spur can heal without any impact to the surrounding tissue or skin. Contrary to what most folks will think of when they hear of shockwaves, there is no electricity delivered to the body, instead what it involves is a pulse that stimulates the body’s natural healing process.

A normal heel spur treatment session will last approximately 15 minutes and those that are ideal candidates for it typically will have tried a number of previous solutions that failed to remedy the presenting issue.


Best Practices Delivered To Ensure Efficient Treatment For Heel Spurs

Here at Walk Without Pain, we specialise in delivering results for patients that have tried and did not get any long-term relief elsewhere. Our dedication to continued learning and development of our services ensures that you are getting treatments that are best practice and cutting edge at the same time. There is no need to leave your life on hold and deny yourself the possibilities of a full life enjoying the things that you currently only wish you could do or participate in when a treatment for heel spurs could make all the difference for your life.

Booking an appointment with one of our podiatrists could enable you to embrace opportunities and give your mental health a welcome boost in the process. So, get in touch with the team here at Walk Without Pain today to secure your treatment and let’s get you walking comfortably into a brighter future.

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