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Swift Treatment for Wart Removal

SWIFT microwave for warts


Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics in Brisbane is pleased to offer SWIFT wart treatment in Brisbane; a new way of treating plantar warts. Warts on the soles of the feet (plantar warts) are especially difficult to resolve and deserve their legendary status. This treatment is also suitable for warts on other parts of the feet, hands and legs.

Warts are caused when a viral infection occurs to the skin, causing your own skin cells to mutate into a mass of abnormal tissue.  On the sole of the foot, the original skin is very tough and so these plantar warts are also very tough and hard to kill.  Also, because you stand on the mass, it gets pushed into your skin which is much more painful that having a wart on a non weight bearing area such as your arm.  This wart would protrude out from your skin and not get mashed into the soft underlying flesh which is highly innervated.

How Does SWIFT Wart Therapy Works

Previously, we have treated warts with salicylic acid patches or cryotherapy.  Both of these can take multiple treatments and the cryo, or freezing, can be quite painful.  For quicker results, we may turn to chemical cautery – burning the lesion out with a strong chemical.  This requires local anaesthetic injections, which can be unpleasant in the feet and the wound often takes several weeks to heal due to the stresses on the skin with walking and the depth of the tissue removed during cautery.

SWIFT takes advantage of the fact that your body is actually very good at clearing away wart infections – it is just not very good at knowing that they are there.  SWIFT treatment for warts uses a microwave pulse to cause cellular damage to the wart, leading your immune system to come to repair the new damage, detecting the wart and then attacking it for the first time.

What Are The Benefits of SWIFT Microwave Therapy?

The main benefit of the SWIFT microwave therapy is that it does not require painful injections, and there is no post operative pain.  After the treatment, you will not have stitches or an open wound to heal and are free to go back to normal activity, straight away.

The downsides of wart treatment with SWIFT includes the cost and some pain during treatment.  The  microwave probe is a single use device which has been designed to be only useable for 15 minutes. The treatment takes 10 seconds and is given as five rounds of two second pulses.  Usually, the first one or two pulses are quite mild.  The first second of the later pulses is also usually quite light.  The second of the two seconds of the later pulses feels like having a blown-out match touched to your skin.  It is unpleasant, but very fleeting and much less painful than local anaesthetic injections.  While we could in theory use local anaesthetic before using SWIFT, it is not worthwhile as the injections would be expected to be more painful than the treatment.


We are finding on average that small children require a single treatment and adults may need up to three sessions of SWIFT wart treatment in Brisbane.  Individual outcomes may vary.

Treating Plantar Warts

At Walk Without Pain, we appreciate the discomfort that a plantar wart can bring to your life, and we also know how much it can limit your ability to enjoy some of the simple things in life, such as going for a swim or walking around in your bare feet. The problems with these unsightly little things are that they are contagious and were likely incurred as a result of someone else’s failure to cover up their own wart.

The pain you feel every time that you step on the wart that exists on your sole comes from the wart tissue being exposed and the nerves being pressed on. We treat this problem using chemical cautery, which involves the use of an acid or a base to kill the wart tissue.

The upside to this approach to plantar wart removal is that there is no pain experienced by the patient and they can expect to see a reduction in the size of the wart within 3 days of the treatment. However, once the wart has been brought down in size, it is then necessary to kill it off completely and this involves the use of a fast-acting chemical, delivered under local anaesthetic.

Naturally, when it comes to treating plantar warts there are a variety of homemade remedies out there that people like to try, however, the danger of using these is that they can aggravate the tissue and do more harm than good. As such, it makes sense once you become aware of a plantar wart to seek out professional help and nip it in the bud before it has the chance to spread or infect someone else.


Effective Plantar Wart Treatment Solutions That Work

Nobody should have to limit the possibilities of their lives as a result of a plantar wart, particularly when there are tried, tested and solutions out there for you to avail of right now. The longer you leave it, the worse the problem can become and also increases the likelihood of you passing this painful problem onto your loved ones or others in the community.

When you choose the team at Walk Without Pain, you not only have a team of podiatrists ready to deliver the remedy to your problem, but you are also in the care of those that have examined over half a million feet before ever meeting you. Our foot doctors have over 87 years’ experience combined in this industry. So, book your appointment today confident in the knowledge that here at Walk Without Pain, we have the most effective plantar wart removal solutions that Brisbane natives can count on to work for them.


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