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Nail Issues

Routine self care: If you have trouble seeing or reaching your feet, or any other problem that makes this tricky, we can take care of the job for you.

Thickened nails – Having thickened nails can make them very hard to cut. We have ways of thinning the nails painlessly that will last six months or so, perhaps allowing you to see us intermittently.


Ingrown toenails – Caused by the edge of the toenail puncturing the skin like a spike. Podiatrists use a small chisel-shaped scalpel blade to remove the nail spike and smooth the remaining edge. Mostly, this doesn’t need numbing, but for painful cases, all of our podiatrists are licenced to use a range of local anaesthetics.  If ingrown toenails are a recurring problem we can perform a permanent procedure to solve the problem forever. More info can be found on our ingrown toenails fact sheet.

Fungal toenail infection – Signs of a fungal toenail infection include discolouration, thickening, lifting and the presence of debris under the nail. The podiatrist will remove as much of the infected nail as possible (to reduce the amount of fungus) and discuss the different treatment options with you.  Options include topical paints, drugs taken orally and laser ablation of the fungal spores.  More information can be found on our page Fungal Nail Laser

Skin Issues

Callus and corns – Abnormal thickening of the skin caused by excess direct pressure. This thickened skin can be easily and painlessly removed by a podiatrist without any anaesthetic or needles.  The best thing about corns is the simple, painless removal process and immediate reduction in pain.

Cracked heels / heel splits – Cracked heels are often painful and always unsightly. As the skin is dead, treatment is painless and simple. The cracks can be removed by a podiatrist in either one or two visits, depending on their severity. We also sell a 20% urea heel balm that works wonders for keeping heel skin pliable.


Athlete’s foot / Tinea pedis –   We can give advice on this topic, though almost everything you might want to know can be found   Hyperlink .  There are many useful treatments that work well.  Occasionally, prescription medication is required which can be prescribed by one of our endorsed podiatrists.

Plantar warts – We have multiple treatment options dependant on your situation and medical history. Most treatments are not painful but do take time to work. To find out about all of our treatment options visit out plantar wart treatment fact sheet.

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