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Ankle Pain Treatments

Treatment to Relief Ankle Pain

Feet undergo a lot of stress each and every day. They bear the weight of the entire body when we are mobile and where any complication is experienced it can hamper our entire way of living. However, those that know the joy of good foot structure and never experience pain in their feet may still benefit from seeing a podiatrist, because where that all important support structure known as the ankle receives a knock or a twist, this too can impede the ability to walk and move.

Ankle pain treatment is delivered here at Walk Without Pain podiatry clinics, not only to sportspersons, but to anybody that has rolled their ankle, or done damage to it that has left a lasting impression. We are a team of highly experienced foot and ankle therapists and for those living in Brisbane and its surrounding environs, we bring world-class treatments at relatively affordable prices. Regardless of what complication you have suffered from your ankle, we have a variety of solutions ready to deploy that will enable you to move better and with more freedom.

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Rest assured that when you book an appointment here at Walk Without Pain, we will do our utmost to thoroughly assess your issue and then find appropriate methods tailored to your specific pain problem. We can provide a range of different solutions in orthotic therapy and are one of the few clinics that offer prolotherapy, which is typically a very expensive treatment carried out by musculoskeletal physicians.

The many causes of Ankle Pain

There are multiple reasons for ankles to become painful. The ankle joint is designed to move in only one direction, plantarflexion (foot moves down – like pressing an accelerator) and dorsiflexion ( foot moves up). The joint has a strong, fibrous network of ligaments that hold the bones rigidly together and don’t allow any other movements to occur. Injuries that stretch or break these ligaments can cause significant damage to occur to the joint over time and bones move against each other in ways that should not be allowed. We will talk more about the ankle joint after having a brief look at other things in the area that might be considered to be ankle pain.

The joint below the ankle joint is called the subtalar joint and this is where any tilting or circling movements occur. The subtalar joint is also quite prone to injury and pain here will usually be described by the sufferer as ‘ankle pain’. One of the first things to determine when treating ankle area pain is which structure is affected. If the pain is actually in the subtalar joint, this often responds very well to traditional podiatry treatments such as orthotic devices. Other treatments such as prolotherapy to stimulate repair or corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation are offered by our clinic.

Outside of the actual bony ankle joint are several other structures that cause ankle area pain. There are long tendons passing behind each of the ankle bones and over the front of the ankle. The Achilles’ Tendon is a common cause of pain as it runs down the back of the lower leg and into the heel bone. Problems with tendons are usually caused by an overuse injury related to poor foot function. Again, a podiatrist should be your first port of call for these issues.

Inside the joint, it is possible to chip the cartilage that covers the bones. This is called an osteochondral defect. This is usually attended to by an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

One of the most common injuries to the ankle is a sprain causing ligament damage. This happens when the joint is forcefully moved in a direction that the ligaments should restrict. Ligament sprains can be mild, severe or involve the complete rupture of the ligament. Treatment will depend on the location and severity of the damage. Early intervention is best as a partially torn ligament can heal most efficiently if supported in a shortened position for around 10 weeks. We offer prolotherapy injections to stimulate healing of mild to moderate issues, though sometimes surgery is indicated if the supporting structures are torn and the ankle becomes unstable.

In summary, at Walk Without Pain, we can offer the following types of ankle pain treatment:

  • Shock wave therapy
  • Mobilisation
  • Prolotherapy injections
  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Diagnostic injections
  • Orthotic Devices
  • Biomechanical interventions
  • Footwear advice
  • Referrals for Xray and Ultrasonography.

Ankle Pain Treatment Options

The symptoms of ankle pain usually come from a sprain, which is essentially where the ligaments have been stretched on the exterior of the ankle and this leads to pain and in most cases some swelling. In the immediate aftermath of turning over on your ankle and recognising that there is something wrong, there are a few steps you can take to prevent any additional damage being incurred.

First things first, get off your feet and rest that ankle as soon as possible. By rest, we mean keeping weight off it. Because there is swelling involved it is always a good idea to prepare or have someone else prepare an ice pack which should be applied to the area. Of course, it is always recommended that you wrap the ice in a thick towel or fabric to protect the skin.

In the time between booking an appointment for ankle pain treatment and actually getting to the clinic, there are advantages to using a compression bandage to support the damaged area. This can also help with the reduction of swelling and may bring you some relief. Another tip, which makes a difference in reducing the swelling, is to elevate the ankle as much as possible prior to receiving your treatment.


Tailored Pain Relief Solutions For Your Ankles

At Walk Without Pain, you can expect our podiatrists to examine you and provide ankle pain relief treatment that will address the exact root cause of your issue. We will initially work on reducing the swelling and from there assist in terms of restoring flexibility and building strength so that you are fit to re-engage the world without having to worry about the ability of your ankle to stand up to the daily pressures it faces.

Where we feel that orthotics would benefit you, customisable options can be designed and manufactured that will safeguard the integrity of your ankle going forward. As such, an appointment with Walk Without Pain for treatment for ankle pain is guaranteed to solve the underlying issue, rectify it and equip you with solutions that will stand you in good stead for the future. Book your appointment today and let the best in the business deliver a level of care that will restore the health and functionality of your feet.

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