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Children’s Orthotics

Custom Made Children’s Orthotics

For parents, the development of their child is a difficult thing to keep an eye on and troubleshoot. Kids engage in plenty of activities and as a result will experience the occasional fall, or knock or problem. While parents must pay attention at all times, a realisation that something may be amiss in their development and is causing them pain is always worth addressing and exploring to ensure that as they continue to develop, their mobility is not affected.  We deliver children’s orthotics from our four clinics  in Brisbane. Our team of nine have over 120 years combined experience working with issues related to the feet and ankles and having examined and treated over half a million feet, you can feel confident in our abilities to resolve any issue that your child may present with.

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We know that as a child grows the problem that started out can become complicated and evolves with their development. Many families will have spent a lot of money going to self-professed gurus that promise to rectify such problems only to be disappointed.

At Walk Without Pain, we want those families to know that even if you believe you’ve exhausted all possibilities, our team are the people you need to see that can give you the results that will transform your child’s ability to get around without having to experience the difficulties they have to date.

How To Identify When Your Child Needs Orthotics

We have dealt with countless children that already have orthotics in place and can work with the systems in place and tweak them to eliminate the deficiencies in the original design so that they deliver the kind of comfort they were supposed to from the start.

What’s more, orthotics for children can be customised at our clinics. We have the computer-assisted technology available that enables us to design and create orthotics that take into consideration the flaws or structural issues specific to your child’s feet and provide a comfortable and thin solution that will allow them to get around without experiencing pain.

What you need to consider if you believe your child might have an issue with their ankle, foot or leg are the following things. If your child regularly complains about pain in any of the aforementioned, or if they are reluctant to participate in an activity that his or her peers are engaged in, these may be signs that it is not from a desire to rest, but in an effort to avoid pain.

If you have noticed that your child’s coordination is not quite right or they fall over or trip a lot, then there may be an underlying issue that is bringing about this problem. Taking measures to rectify this early on makes all the difference and can prevent bad habits from being adopted.


Financial Supports Available For Children’s Orthotics

Naturally, families will have their own financial concerns to consider and the prospect of children’s orthotics may be daunting. However, if you have private health insurance cover then these costs may be covered in full. Here at Walk Without Pain, our alliances with Medibank Private and BUPA enable us to offer reduced prices to our patients, and we can also process HICAPS rebates in our clinics.

So, whether it is a coordination issue, growing pain, Sever’s disease, in-toeing, Osgood Slatter’s Disease or anything else that is bringing about distress in your child, rest assured that our team of Children’s podiatrists, here at Walk Without Pain, are perfectly placed to deliver world-class solutions that will make a huge difference both now and for the rest of their lives.

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