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Podiatrist Chapel Hill

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Comprehensive Podiatry & Orthotic Services in Chapel Hill

Walk Without Pain is your local podiatrist in Chapel Hill that offers comprehensive treatments and advice for problem feet. Our principle podiatrist has some 28 years of experience working in this industry and our team boasts over a century of further experience. We understand what it takes to offer the most comprehensive and effective treatments, from basic corn care to using new technology to treat complex musculoskeletal injuries such as ankle pain.

Whatever your problem, the team at Walk Without Pain is fully equipped with all the right accessories, tools, and knowledge required to assist with your pain. Unlike part time podiatry clinics, our dedicated space is fully equipped for all kinds of problems, all the time.  Always on site are:  gait assessment technology, laser treatment unit, diagnostic ultrasonography, injections for pain, extracorporeal shockwave and more. Read More

Treating Knee & Ankle Pain With Podiatry Treatments In Chapel Hill

We are a trusted podiatrist in Chapel Hill because our treatments are so extensive. We understand that there are many reasons why ankle pain can develop, and we know how knee pain can be completely debilitating. We use a range of therapies designed to relieve pain and treat the problems that cause the pain, whether it’s in your foot, knee or ankle.

Our treatments include shockwave therapy, mobilisation, orthotics, biomechanical interventions, prolotherapy injections, corticosteroid injections, and much more. We will take every step possible to ensure that you get the treatment you need, and we’ll even perform diagnostics to find out exactly what’s happening.  We can also order a range of off-site investigations such as X-Rays when needed.

A Solution for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (and so much more!)

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a common problem that the people of Brisbane often come to us for help with. It is characterised by a tingling or burning sensation felt in the foot, usually at night time or during periods of rest. The problem gets worse the more active a person is, though the pain is typically not present while walking or being active. While the pain is often felt across much of the foot, it usually doesn’t affect the heel.

It is caused by pressure pleased on the Posterior Tibial Nerve, which usually occurs in people who have fallen arches or “flat feet”.

We can help ease this pain and take steps to counter the problems that cause it.

Our team of podiatrists can help you with a huge variety of other conditions, too! We offer full diagnosis and treatment services, follow up appointments to see how you’re doing, and we’ll provide you with all the advice and support you need to make a full recovery where possible. We are trusted by so many clients because we offer excellent aftercare and reliable, effective treatment for a huge variety of conditions.

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Whether you know what you need and you want to book an appointment, or you simply want to find out more about our services, it’s easy to get in touch! Head over to the Contact page where you’ll find a form. Just fill it out with your contact details and some information about your query, and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can!

Alternatively, you can click the “Book Online” button on the website to make your booking instantly, or call us on (07) 3256 1007.

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Our Podiatrists & Orthotic Specialists Near Chapel Hill

Stephanie Cosgrove

Stephanie graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Podiatry (Honours) in 1990, with the addition on completing a Master of Health Science, majoring in Podiatry in 1996. She acts as the consultant podiatrist, Chermside and surrounding suburbs, helping the team with complex cases. She was one of the first podiatrists to be granted Endorsement to Prescribe Scheduled Medicines in Queensland and has a post graduate degree in this form of treatment. Stephanie is experienced in in-house ultrasonography, prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy and minor surgical procedures of the nails and skin.  Her special interest lies in treating intractable pain, particularly where long standing and resistant to previous interventions.

Charlotte Hyndman

Charlotte graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2007 with a Bachelor of Health Science, Podiatry. She has worked in private practice in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Charlotte is a keen sports woman enjoying running, cycling and general fitness. She enjoys all aspects of podiatry with a special interest in sports injuries/biomechanics. Charlotte is also trained in the use of our Pinpointe laser for fungal nail infections.

Christian Matthews

Christian joined us in 2014 after graduating from QUT with honours.  Christian also holds a degree in education and has had a past life as a primary school teacher. He also became an Endorsed Prescriber of Scheduled Medicines in 2017, only the 12th podiatrist in the state to achieve this advanced qualification. He enjoys all aspects of podiatry practice, including minor surgery for ingrown nails and skin lesions such as warts. He is interested in sports, sports injuries and the interplay between foot mechanics and skeletal injuries higher up. Christian performs injection therapies such as prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy and corticosteroid infiltrations. Tending to complex diabetic foot conditions is also a rewarding outcome.

Holly West

Holly gained her academic qualifications at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Holly has a broad knowledge and interest in all aspects of podiatry, including a focus in Diabetic Care and education, Pediatric Podiatry and Biomechanics. Holly has also gained post-graduate qualifications in Prolotherapy, has written articles for city publications aimed at the general public and frequently volunteers for various public health and awareness initiatives.

We treat all types of foot conditions affecting people in Chapel hill including:  

  • Achilles’ tendon pain and dysfunction and injuries of the calf muscles.  
  • fungal infections of toenails 
  • Ingrown toenails / painful toenails  
  • Nerve pain / neuralgia / neuropathic pains / night pains of the feet and legs 
  • Heel pain / arch pain / plantar fasciitis / heel spurs 
  • Diabetic foot evaluations / wound and ulcer treatment 
  • ‘Ball of foot pain / stress fractures of the metatarsals / metatarsalgia / Morton’s neuroma  
  • Pain affecting the 1st metatarsophalangeal (Bunion) joint  
  • Arthritic pain affecting areas of the feet and legs 
  • General nail and foot care 
  • Most other types of injuries or pain in the foot, ankle and leg 
  • Some varieties of knee, hip and back pain 


We utilise a number treatment options including…   

  • General podiatry / chiropody 
  • Laser treatment for infections of nails by fungus 
  • Local anesthetic for treatments that may be painful 
  • long term correction of ingrown toenails  
  • Prolotherapy to soft tissues for nerve, muscle and tendon pain 
  • Mobilisation of the foot joints 
  • Prolotherapy to nerves / Perineural Injection Therapy  for nerve entrapments within the lower limb  
  • Orthotics (Brisbane’s widest range of custom mad, softer, smaller or cheaper options) 
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy.  This is used to increase blood flow to areas of chronic injury where healing is not progressing on its own. 

Podiatrist Chapel Hill: Costs 

We are accredited providers for all private health funds. Additionally, we are Bupa Members first podiatrists, Medibank members’ choice podiatrists and part of HCF more for feet program 


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Podiatry Chapel Hill: Our Podiatrists

Four qualified podiatrists work at our Indooroopilly podiatry clinic. 

Holly West – Holly West sees a wide range of patients and conditions. Her ongoing studies have included prolotherapy and neural prolotherapy. She also has a special interest in diabetic education and care, as well as interventions for children.  Holly is also trained to use prolotherapy, shockwave and laser treatments. Holly is based at our Indooroopilly Podiatry clinic on Wednesday and Thursdays and alternate Saturdays for tending to clients from Chapel hill.  


Trina Goardis the newest podiatrist to join walk Without Pain, having  graduating from QUT in 2016 with honours. Trina sees patients across all aspects of podiatry. She attends our Indooroopilly clinic on Fridays. Her special interests include the effects of systemic diseases on feet.  




Charlotte HyndmanCharlotte is a keen athlete and has an interest in biomechanics, human movements sciences and sporting injuries.  Charlotte has worked as a podiatrist in Australia, New Zealand and Britain. She is trained in the use of the shockwave and laser technologies and is proficient in prolotherapy injections for soft tissue and nerve injuries. Charlotte is in available for appointments Monday to Friday at our Indooroopilly clinic, conveniently located near Chapel Hill. 

Stephanie Cosgrove – is our principal podiatrist, working largely as a consultant for more complex cases. Stephanie’s area of professional endeavours include treating patients with chronic conditions, ongoing pain, particularly following previous treatment failure. Stephanie is at our Indooroopilly clinic every Thursday

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