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Steroid Injections

Cortisone injections / Steroid Injections for Foot Pain.

Effective relief of pain can be achieved with Corticosteroid injections.

‘Cortisone’ injections can be a great help for several kinds of foot pain.  These include plantar fasciitis / heel pain / heel spurs, joint pain, osteoarthritis, bursas and neromas.

When steroids injections are done these days, most people refer to them as Cortisone Injections.  Cortisone itself is actually not used very often as it is a lot weaker in effect than other injectable steroids. Most commonly, we use a Betamethasone product called Celestone Chronodose which has a balanced effect of being half short or rapid acting and half long acting.  This component slowly gives up its dose over six to eight weeks.

As with all conditions, proper diagnosis is the essential first step in making a treatment plan. We use in-house diagnostic ultrasound to inspect the joints, fascias and tendons to assess the cause of the pain.  Often steroid injections are used as part of a broader treatment plan involving off-loading pressure, limiting poor movements and providing mechanical support by way of orthotics.  Without these aids, if nothing changes that caused the initial problem, it is more likely to happen again when the drug wears off.  This combined approach means a podiatrist endorsed to prescribe scheduled medicines, is in a unique position to provide you with comprehensive care.

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