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Podiatrist Brisbane City

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Brisbane City Podiatry Clinic Locations


Contact us directly by telephone or e-mail. Click on a location below to view public transport details, parking information and more for each of our four locations.

Mailing Address: Please use our Hamilton address.

Fax, for all locations: (07) 3256 1007

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Foot & Leg Health from a Podiatrist in Brisbane City

You’ll walk a lot of miles over the course of your lifetime and spend countless hours standing on your feet. So it’s important that you keep your feet and legs as healthy as possible because they enable you to be active and mobile.

At Walk Without Pain, every Brisbane city podiatrist has the knowledge, ability and the will to help you with all your foot and lower leg problems. If you need any help, we’re the ones who can provide it.

What Our Brsibane City Podiatrists Can Do for You

You should book an appointment with any of our podiatry clinics in Brisbane if you are suffering from foot pain, have cracks, growths or peeling of the skin, or if your toenails are discoloured, cracked or too thick. At the first visit, we’ll thoroughly assess the problem and set out a course of action.

Many foot and leg problems result from a particular activity that causes excessive strain or exposes you to certain conditions. In other cases, you may suffer from a medical condition such as arthritis, may wear shoes that are ill-fitting or don’t support your feet properly, or may have a defect in the way you walk, such as overpronation where the foot bends in or out too far.

There are many treatments we can recommend for different conditions, and these may include a period of rest or change of activity, medication, orthotics (shoe inserts) for better support or even surgery. We will monitor your progress for each treatment and, if one isn’t suitable for you, will switch to something more effective.

We aim to ensure you are pain-free and fully active as soon as possible. So, we’ll always do everything we can to achieve that. We have the knowledge and experience to deal with the most complex or obscure of problems and we never give up on anyone because something’s too difficult. Book now to find out what we can do for you.

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Essential Services from a Podiatrist in Brisbane CBD

Our podiatrists can help with a variety of foot and lower leg problems in our podiatry clinic in Brisbane city. These problems include:

  • a bunion that occurs at the base of the big toe when the joint gets bigger or bends into the other toes
  • hammer toes that bend the wrong way
  • foot problems experienced by athletes, including sprains and fractures
  • damage to the nerves in your feet and legs that result from poor blood circulation caused by diabetes; in the most severe cases, this can lead to amputation being necessary, so you need to have any calluses and sores on your feet checked before they get any worse
  • heel pain that can be caused by heel spurs (calcium deposits on the heel bone), plantar fasciitis (inflammation of tissue that connects the heel bone to the ball of the foot) or Achilles tendonitis that causes pain where the tendon attaches
  • nail disorders that include fungal or ingrowing toenails
  • arthritis resulting from wear and tear, causing inflammation of the joints, of which there are 33 in each foot
  • flat feet or other common disorders.

Our Podiatry Services Across Brisbane City

Podiatry Clinic Locations in Brisbane City

Podiatry Clinic
Shop 5 / 19 Benabrow Ave
Bellara QLD 4507
Phone: 3408 8280

Podiatry Clinic
9/110 Kingsford Smith Dve
Phone: 3256 1006   Fax: 3256 1007

Podiatry Clinic
Shop 017, (Near Muffin Break & Anytime Fitness)
Toombul Shoppingtown
1015 Sandgate Rd Toombul QLD 4012
Phone: 3260 7225

Podiatry Clinic
Suite 36, 6th Floor Professional Suites
Indooroopilly Shoppingtown
322 Moggill Rd Indooroopilly QLD 4068
Phone: 3878 5590

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