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Podiatrist Brisbane North

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As the leading podiatrist in Brisbane North, Walk Without Pain offers foot care and podiatry treatments for a whole range of foot issues. With a team of nine exceptional podiatrists operating in four clinics throughout the Brisbane Northside area, we’ve gained an excellent reputation for treating a whole range of foot, ankle and knee problems, especially long-standing issues that have so far resisted successful treatment.
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We understand how painful foot issues can be and how they can impact your day-to-day life, affecting everything from walking and standing to missing out on playing with your kids or not being able to take part in your favourite sport. We also know that they can affect anyone of any age, from children through to seniors.Whether you’ve just started to notice that you walk on the sides of your feet, your child walks with their toes turned in, you’ve got a searing pain under the ball of your foot, you’ve developed ingrown toenails or are plagued with warts on the soles of your feet – whatever your issue – we can solve it.


At Our Northside Brisbane’s Podiatry & Orthotics Clinics We Aim to Banish Foot Pain

No matter what kind of foot issue you’re experiencing, our talented team of podiatrists in North Brisbane can help. We use a wide range of podiatry treatments and the very latest equipment and techniques to resolve issues and provide fast relief from pain. These include shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis, laser treatments for skin and nail infections, such as fungal nail and also offer ultrasonography in-house together with prolotherapy for nerve issues. We’re also able to provide children and adults with customised orthotics in North Brisbane to realign unnatural gaits or to correct under and overpronation issues.

With almost ninety years of combined podiatry experience between us, and over 500,000 feet successfully treated, we’ve seen and treated pretty much every foot condition there is. And we’re confident that we can resolve your foot problem too.

We’re dedicated to providing the very best service and optimum results at an affordable price – and it shows in our ever-increasing number of satisfied patients.


Book An Appointment With A Podiatrist In Brisbane Northside

Don’t let foot pain restrict your life. Book an appointment online with one of our team today through our 24/7 online booking portal and let us work our foot doctor magic on you.

And, if in the meantime you have any questions or concerns, either contact our clinic or consult our comprehensive FAQ  page which contains everything you need to know about foot care and foot problems.

We provide bulk bill podiatrist in Brisbane including plantar fasciitis treatment, and shin splints treatment. Speak with one of our podiatrists in Brisbane Northside today to find out more.
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Services provided at our centers of Podiatry in Brisbane North

  • General Podiatry treatment
  • Ingrown toenail surgery
  • Wart treatment and surgery
  • Heel pain treatment – Plantar Fasciitis
  • Musculoskeletal injury assessment – sports injuries
  • Orthotic therapy- Custom and semi-customised devices.
  • Biomechanical Assessments
  • Prolotherapy
  • Neural Prolotherapy
  • Fungal nail LASER therapy
  • Diabetic Foot Assessment and management
  • Osteoarthritis treatment– foot, ankle, knee and hip pain
Opening Hours:

Monday        Closed at this location. Open at Toombul clinic
Tuesday          Closed at this location. Open at Toombul clinic
Wednesday    9.00 am  to 5.00 pm
Thursday.       Closed at this location. Open at Toombul clinic
Friday             9.00 am 5.00 pm
Saturday        Closed at this location. Open at Toombul clinic

Schedule of Fees:

Adult Initial Consultation: $75.00
Adult Subsequent Consultation: $65.00
Pensioner Initial Consultation: $65.00
Pensioner Subsequent Consult: $60.00

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