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Podiatry and Medicare

Visits to a podiatrist may be covered by Medicare under certain conditions. It is up to your GP to provide you with an EPC or Enhanced Primary Care plan before your Medicare eligibility is ‘turned-on’.  This funding is available to people with complex medical problems that have some effect on their feet.  For example, arthritis of the feet causing pain, or arthritis of the back that restricts your ability to care for your feet may qualify.  Other common complaints that may require a visit to a bulk billing podiatrist include painful conditions of the feet arising from a systemic complaint and assessment / management of the feet of diabetics.  There is a limit of five visits per year across any mixture of the offered allied health services.  This means that if you use a physiotherapist and a dietitian and a podiatrist, there is a five visit maximum for all providers put together, not five for each type of provider. Please discuss your eligibility for this scheme with your general practitioner.

There may be a small shortfall between the cost  of visiting our podiatry clinics and the Medicare rebate, meaning a small out of pocket cost for regular treatment. More advanced treatments such as shockwave therapy, laser and injection treatments will incur a higher out of pocket cost – please ask the receptionist when booking or head to our fees list under the Contact Us tab. We are able to process your Medicare claims on the spot. We will always send a report back to your referring doctor when we receive a new referral or with the results of tests or treatments.

You may also be aware that for referrals by a podiatrist for X-ray investigations of the foot, leg, knee and hip and ultrasonography of the foot and ankle at many radiology clinics are bulkbilled.  Some clinics do charge an out of pocket cost at their discretion.  Your podiatrist will prefer to send you to a bulk billing practice where possible.  We try to co-operate with your GP if we require blood tests or more high-tech scans as Medicare does not provide rebates for these tests when ordered by a podiatrist. Read More…

Issues with your feet can impede your ability to walk properly or could even create a sense of embarrassment for your when socialising with peers. While podiatry may seem like something that is out of reach financially, the good news is that a bulk billing podiatrist in North Brisbane delivers a quality, affordable service.

The podiatrists here at Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics have seen it all, and done it all before. Rest assured that with over 100 years of combined experience there is no issue related to the feet that at least one of our ten podiatrists has not seen and dealt with before.

We are a Brisbane focused business, and so our clinics can only be found locally. We are not owed by a multinational corporation and our podiatrists tend to stay with us for the long term.  We also embrace technology with ultrasonography available on site, shockwave treatment, laser therapy and more.


Hassle Free Podiatry 

Our senior podiatrist loves a challenge and is happy to see complex cases, even (or especially) where prior treatment has failed. We will aim to address the root cause of your problem and provide you with a path forward. What’s more, our team will check in on you a few weeks after your initial visit to see how things are progressing and then determine whether further adjustments are required to maximise your comfort and quality of life.

With Medicare podiatrist services accessible to all. What’s more, regardless of which of our locations you choose to visit, we can process your health insurance claims there and then, hassle-free, with HICAPS. Convenience is important these days, and we want to make sure that those suffering with pain from their feet have access to the best treatments available to them as and when they need it, without having to consider the financial ramifications.

However, we know that when it comes to alleviating pain, no amount of money or inconvenience will stand in your way to achieve that goal. Rather than simply look at the foot, though, here at Walk Without Pain, we consider the entire body because sometimes there are other pains present that come directly from the issue with your feet.


Live Life Impediment-Free

You can find our four podiatry clinics in Brisbane and each of them offers after-hours appointments because we know that not everybody operates on a 9 to 5 schedule. Booking could not be easier and can be completed right here on our site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and given that we see approximately 180 clients per day, there are plenty of slots available when you need us.

When you are looking for a podiatrist that bulk bills, here at Walk Without Pain you get that and the benefit of a world-class team of podiatrists assisting in your treatment. So, if you are experiencing pain or want to finally rid yourself of that niggling complication, look no further. At Walk Without Pain, we are here to help to enable you to live your life to the fullest, with no impediments.

We provide bulk bill podiatrist in Brisbane including plantar fasciitis treatment and shin splints treatment. Speak with one of our team today to find out more.

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