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Children’s Podiatrist Brisbane

When Should Your Child See a Podiatrist

As children grow and begin crawling, walking, running and playing sport it can be difficult for a parent to know what is normal development for Children’s Feet and what is not. Children’s Podiatrist Brisbane at Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics are here to help you with all of your questions or concerns.

At Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics Brisbane, our nine fully qualified and accredited podiatrists have extensive experience in paediatric podiatry. Any leg, ankle or foot problem – we have seen it before!

If your child complains of sore, tired or painful legs and feet, we recommend a podiatric assessment. Podiatrist are the health care professionals dedicated to problems in the developing foot and leg.

You may also happen to notice your child avoids some activities. Especially: standing, walking, running or (if younger) they frequently want to be carried or pushed in the pram. It is also important to be aware of abnormally flat feet, ‘pigeon-toed’ (feet turned in) or ‘penguin’ (feet turned out) walking and ‘tip-toe walking’ (heels not touching the ground).c

What Is Kid’s Podiatry?

Podiatrists are the experts in all things feet, ankles and legs. We are doctors dedicated specifically to the lower extremities, who provide prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of foot and ankle illnesses and injuries. We care for the bones, joints and soft tissues of the feet, as well as their skin and complex biomechanics However, a podiatrist for children’s feet also takes into account a child’s developing feet, toes, ankles and legs, which grow very quickly. At our Walk Without Pain clinics in Brisbane, podiatry for kids involves treatment for conditions in your little one’s developing extremities, in addition to the prevention of potential issues that can result whilst they grow at a rate of knots.

Walk Without Pain with Our Team of Children’s Podiatrists in Brisbane

We are highly qualified podiatrists in Brisbane and experts in our field with over 87 years of combined experience. We thrive on helping people get their lives back, and our superb reputation and countless happy, pain-free patients speak volumes. Many come to us hopeless when they’ve already tried everything – so whatever your ailment, we’ve seen it and treated it all before.

Our expertise doesn’t peak at the lower extremities – we are podiatrists of course, but we are humans first who understand that kids need more than medical expertise and bedside manner – they need humanity, kindness, and a doctor who understands them and can make them feel comfortable and heard. Our passionate podiatrists with years of experience in treating children promise exactly that and more. For more information about our children’s services, feel free to contact our friendly professionals who’ll help put your mind at ease.

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Will my child grow out of having flat feet?

Children's Podiatrist BrisbaneMost children are born with extra fat in the arch area of the foot that will make most toddlers appear to have flat feet for the first few years. Also, nearly all children will have a degree of bow-legs until the age of two which is perfectly normal. It is wise to have your child checked by our children’s podiatrist Brisbane at around the age of three years if you think they look ‘normal’ or just a bit off track. See a podiatrist sooner if any of the following apply:

  • your child complains of pain
  • the child refuses to participate in a level of activity that is normal for his or her peers
  • your child tires more easily than other children of the same age
  • the child has poor walking coordination or trips over a lot

Children's Podiatrist Brisbane
None of these signs are normal and should be investigated as soon as they are noticed.  In most cases, treatment is relatively simple and is always painless for the child.  To learn more about childhood pain, see our Growing Pains Info Sheet.  Specific information is also available for Sever’s Disease here.

Orthotics for Children’s Feet by Children’s Podiatrist Brisbane

We understand that orthotics for growing children’s feet may be a worry.  This may be especially so if they need to be replaced as your child’s feet grow. For this reason, we make a special effort to take advantage of computer technology and advances in orthotic techniques to reduce the cost of these services.  This has lead to decreased manufacturing and more affordable orthotics.  For most families with private health insurance cover, kid’s orthotics are covered fully – or close to it.   Some insurers such as BUPA and Medibank Private have chosen to partner with out practice. In recognition of their support, we offer special, reduced prices to their clients. Families with HCF insurance get a fully paid, initial visit to our clinic for assessment of any of the covered family members.

Health fund cover for children’s feet orthotics.

If you have private health insurance, they may cover the whole cost of these children’s orthotics with no gap (this will depend on you level of cover and insurer).


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