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Sever’s Disease : Heel pain in Children

Sever’s Disease:  Brisbane Solutions for your Child ‘s Foot Pain.

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Sever’s Disease

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Soccer & Football players are particularly prone to Sever’s Disease.

What is Sever’s Disease ?

Why does Sever’s disease occur ?

How do I treat Sever’s Disease in my child ?

What are Growing Pains ?

Do I need an X-Ray to show Sever’s Disease ?

If the pain is occurring in an adult, see our Plantar Fasciitis section.

Sever’s disease is a painful and debilitating condition that affects the heel bone of children during adolescence. Commonly, it occurs most between the ages of 10 to 14 years, more often in boys and is most commonly associated with playing sport. Typically the child will limp off the playing field, have some recovery with more gentle activities and worsen again on the first steps out of bed the next day (or after other rest).  Injury to those playing soccer and football seem to be most common but any other sport can be troublesome.  Fortunately, the majority of sufferers respond very well to treatment and the sporting career can usually continue after a couple of weeks.  If your child is troubled by heel pain, allow us to help you with prompt, proven treatment.

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