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Sports Podiatrist Brisbane

Sports Podiatrist Brisbane
Sporting injuries? Sports Podiatrist Brisbane

What is Sports Podiatry?

Injuries to the foot, leg, or anywhere in the body, occur when the forces placed on a tissue exceed that structure’s ability to withstand them. This is true of bone, ligaments, tendons, fascia, skin, nerves and connective tissues. The unbearable forces could be the result of a one-off large force, like a sprain or a badly timed change of direction, or from repeated smaller forces such as running. The focus of a sports podiatrist is on active people who routinely and deliberately put a lot of force through their bodies. These people will often not take advice to “rest for a month” very well.


Why choose to see us for your Sports Podiatrist Brisbane needs?

At Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics, we have a number of advanced clinicians with a specialised interest in chronic and complex injury. At this time, we have one of only seven podiatrists in Qld accredited to use scheduled medicines such as injectable drugs for musculoskeletal conditions. Two more of our team have completed training and await accreditation. We also have what we believe is the only podiatric practitioner of Peri-Neural Injection Therapy in Queensland. This is typically performed by specialised medical practitioners (currently only two in Brisbane). P.I.T. can offer great benefits in complex injuries. Other team members are actively involved in learning this treatment.

Other methods that we use to treat sports injuries include:

  • orthotic devices – hard, soft or hybrid.
  • footwear advice and modifications.
  • strapping – which is particularly useful for rapid relief of pain in musculoskeletal injuries.
  • extracorporeal shockwave therapy – best used on chronic injuries.

By seeing our practitioners, you will get the best of the podiatric / biomechanical treatment model that focuses on reducing forces brought through the injured tissues, and the medical / pharmaceutical treatment models that improve the ability of the tissue to repair after injury.


What sorts of things might a Sports Podiatrist Brisbane treat?

A lot of things. It could be very simple problems like blistering.

It could be common complaints like heel pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles’ Tendon issues, calf pain, thigh pain, knee pain or hamstring injuries.

At the more extreme end, you may be suffering from widespread dysfunction across knees, hips, back and shoulders – if your pain has its origin in the foot and leg, we can help.

  • Our specialised Peri-Neural Injection Therapy practitioner is a good choice if you are suffering from:
    • pain for which no cause has been found on ultrasound , X ray, etc.
    • pain that has resisted other treatment
    • before considering surgery
    • conditions not helped by / worsened by foot surgery
    • long standing pain – 6 months or several decades.

Is a Sports Podiatrist a special kind of Podiatrist?

Yes and No. By calling yourself a sports podiatrist, it lets the world know that you welcome young, fit, active clients. (It may also mean that you intend to charge a premium for this.  Our fees are very moderate and can be found on our fees page). Tissues come under stress in young people who push their bodies through sport. They come under stress in very similar patterns in people who carry more weight than their feet and legs can cope with.  Both of these states are the result of forces increasing.  Age reduces tissues tolerance of forces and that has a similar effect. The basic tenets of treatment for an Achilles’ Tendon injury in a young runner, an overweight sedentary worker and an elderly golfer do vary, but they have more in common than not.

Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics offer strategies for immediate pain relief and long term correction with a whole body focus.

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