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Do I need Orthotic Shoes? What is Copythotic™?

Imagine that you could cut a 1 mm slice from your existing orthotic that took just its top surface.  Now see that thin layer resting in your shoe.  It’s going to fit in a lot more places and take up a lot less room. There is some empty space under the arch and when this is filled in with high tech foam material, you have a Copythotic™.

There is a lot to know about Copythotics. So much in fact, they have got their own website.  Read on here for more general information or click any of the links below to answer specific questions:

Copythotic: What do you want to know more about?

Everything Copythotic™
Feminine Footwear
Softer, more flexible orthotics
Cheaper Orthotics
Slimline Men’s & Sport Footwear
Children’s Shoes
What shoes can’t take a Copythotic™ ?
What is the functional limit of a Copythotic™?
National and International Orders
National and International Rights

2Who can we thank for the Copythotic phenomenon?2

The Copythotic™ was born from a collaboration between Stephanie Cosgrove Podiatry Clinics and the Walk Without Pain group. International interest is already growing in this humble Brisbane invention.

Why did we invent the Copythotic™?

Foot Orthotics

Copythotic in action

After 20 years practicing podiatry, it became clear that “sensible but comfortable” shoes didn’t always win over the “stylish but crippling” variety. When it comes to choosing footwear, we understand that many factors are important.

Despite what your podiatrist has told you in the past (and what I’ve told my patients all those years), the key components of the orthotic device that has been designed for you will fit into your existing footwear.  All it takes is a little refining. Using the Copythotic™ technique for our patients over the past several years, we have found that an insert that will fit most of the shoes that most women find acceptable most of the time, will average around 80% of the original device’s potency. This makes our patients more than mostly happy!

Why might you want some?

There are plenty of good reasons why you might want a second set of orthotics.  Perhaps you’d like:

  • a big, cushioned pair for your joggers so that they won’t slip around,
  • a tiny pair for sleeker shoes,
  • a new orthotic to replace the one the dog chewed on,
  • to never have to change your insert from shoe to shoe again, or
  • a pair to leave at work in your duty shoes.

How come they are cheaper?

Copythotics are cheaper because 60% of the work has already been done. It doesn’t seem fair that you have to pay for all that stuff again ! The Copythotic™ is a unique, patented process whereby the model is actually made from an existing orthotic plate. In most cases, everything we need to know can be extracted from that plate.

Can I get a rebate?

Copythotics are custom made and we are podiatrists so health fund rebates apply.

Will my orthotic be hard or soft?

A Copythotic™ orthotic has several possible construction materials with infinite combinations.  It can literally be as flexible or as solid as we opt to make it. It is also easily adjusted right up to the final stage of manufacture, allowing for a ‘fitting’ if required.

In our podiatry clinic, we often hear patients say that, although their orthotics solved the original problem, they don’t enjoy wearing them. In deciding how ‘hard’ to make your Copythotic™, we would routinely consider your age, fitness, weight, activities, work surfaces, foot problems, duration of pain, severity of symptoms, footwear and how you responded to previous orthotics. We would also invite your opinion. We can tell you volumes about feet in general – but there are things about your feet that only you can tell us.

I don’t like my orthotics – why would I copy them?

If your old orthotics are perfect, we just need them for a few minutes and some shoes left with us.

If your orthotic is not exactly right (too stiff, too high, too big), it takes a little more care, but not a lot more time.
If you are not happy with your existing orthotics, wherever they were made, a scheduled visit with one of our podiatrists is necessary.  Nearly every custom made orthotic will still be suitable for reinterpretation as a                 Copythotic™ even if you never felt that you could wear them.

If an existing orthotic device is beyond salvation, we can assist you with a new pair and throw in a pair of Copythotics™.

If you don’t have orthotics already but think you need some, it will be necessary to see one of our podiatrists for a more complete examination.

Can you spot it?  This shoe has a black Copythotic™ in place.

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