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Shin Splints Treatments Brisbane

Shin Splints Treatment

Experiencing dull or pronounced pain in your shin could be a sign that you have shin splints. While this problem presents in your leg, the cause of the problem typically stems from the abnormal behavior of the foot, which places increased pressure on the tibial muscles and forces them to sustain more pressure than they are capable of handling and thereby creates the pain. Shin splints treatment is available, however, and for those living in Brisbane the team here at Walk Without Pain endeavors to alleviate you of this uncomfortable and limiting problem. Our podiatrists have extensive experience in all things related to the feet, ankles and complications of the leg that arise as a result. Together we have treated over half a million feet and so no matter how acute or minimal the pain you experience is in your shins, rest assured that we will have appropriate solutions ready to put to great use that will bring you the kind of relief you had only previously dreamed of.

With four clinics right here in Brisbane there are plenty of appointments available for shin splints therapy, both during traditional and working hours and outside of regular hours to ensure that you can access our services at a time that best suits your schedule. Before you pay us a visit, we invite you to browse our site where you can avail of information about some of the more common foot issues that present just so you can get a sense of our understanding of these complications and our dedication to the community we serve.

Advanced Technological Solutions For The Treatment Of Your Shin Splints

Given that those that engage in running or regularly exercise typically experience shin splints, it is no wonder that we see a lot of athletes and weekend warriors presenting with this problem. It is common for you to experience pain as you start out in your routine and see that pain die off as your body warms up, however, for some it will also be common for the pain to develop the longer you exercise. Regardless of which version applies to you, the remedy is found by addressing the cause of the problem in the foot.

At Walk Without Pain, we can create customised orthotics shaped and designed to match the structure of your foot. Through the use of computer-assisted technology, we can pinpoint the flaws that are present and make adjustments to the orthotics to give you the kind of balance and support needed. The end result of your treatment for shin splints will be a much more comfortable and correct way of running that will eliminate the possibility of shin splints and allow your tibial muscles to carry out their function without being overloaded.

Those that already have orthotics that are not living up to expectations are invited to bring them to us so that we can make adjustments that will rectify the errors in the original design.

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Embrace Your Future Today With A Shin Splints Therapy

Exercise is a vital part of remaining healthy and those that refrain from engaging simply because of the pain experienced in their shins are encouraged to get in touch with the team here at Walk Without Pain today. With bookings possible 24/7 online, and with four podiatry clinics in Brisbane and nine podiatrists ready, willing and able to accommodate you, take the first step toward a more fulfilling life today by securing your appointment with the team here at Walk Without Pain.

Our therapy for shin splints will empower you to undertake any activity confident in the knowledge that your shins and muscles have the appropriate supports in place to prevent them succumbing to pressure and pain. Read More


How Can Walk Without Pain Help You to Treat Your Shin Splint

At Walk Without Pain, we aim to do what our name suggests, to help you to walk and exercise without experiencing any of the pain that you currently might be.

Shin splints are a common problem, particularly in those who are more active, yet we have a splints treatment that not only relieves your symptoms but also looks at what has caused it in the first place. At Walk Without Pain, our podiatrists allow you to remain active and healthy so that you can get the best from your life.


How Orthotics Can Help You With A Shin Splint

One of the most important steps in treating your condition is to diagnose what is causing you pain. With the correct diagnosis, we can provide the best shin splint therapy. Diagnostic ultrasound is available in each of our four clinics so that we can quickly get to the bottom of your problem. Our practitioners are also able to order X-rays as well if they are needed.

Once you have been diagnosed, we can begin the treatment for your shin splints. We have many options of orthotics in Brisbane, and with our in-house orthotics laboratory, we can make any final adjustments or repairs at the clinic.

We have options to suit all budgets, and our budget option is a prefabricated component orthotic. Your podiatrist will choose different components to find you an orthotic that will give you the support you need for your shin splints. They are quick to make, and they can usually be done while you wait.

If you are looking for a sleeker option, then a custom-made orthotic is designed to work perfectly for your feet and to treat the problem that is causing your shin splints. With the thickness, flexibility, fit, contour and degree of correction all being customisable, they are a good option for a lot of our clients.

We also have our Copythotic, which creates a new orthotic based on an existing orthotic that you may have. These can also be slightly modified to ensure they are meeting your needs.

When you come to one of our four podriatry clinics in Brisbane, your specialist will talk you through your options and help you to find the one that is right for you to treat a shin splint.


Book Your Appointment at Walk Without Pain today

If you have shin splints or suspect that you might because of the pain in your shins, contact us at Walk Without Pain today. You can instantly book your appointment online or call your nearest clinic to find a time that is suitable for you.

Our clinicians have a combined experience of over 120 years, so you can count on us to diagnose your problem and put measures in place to relieve the pain that you are experiencing and improve the quality of your life.

At Walk Without Pain, you can be confident that your feet and legs are in the best hands, and with the skill and knowledge of our podiatrists, along with the most up-to-date shin splint treatments in Brisbane, we provide you with the relief that you need. Contact us today. Read Less

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