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Plantar Fasciitis Brisbane Solutions for Spurs, Heel & Arch Pain

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For more information about Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain and treatments please read below

Frequently asked questions and queries:


This condition is one that predominately affects adults. If the pain that you are researching is occurring in a child, please see our section on Sever’s Disease.

Heel pain can be a terribly debilitating condition that can last for years if untreated.  Every day we see people who have been told by their family doctors that there is no treatment available and it will go away eventually.  This can be true – in a fair number of cases, plantar fasciitis will go away eventually without treatment.  ‘Eventually’ though, could mean literally years and years of pain and disability.  Even then, it is very likely to recur after a time.

It is simply not true that you have to suffer this condition with no relief.

Treatment Options

Plantar fasciitis requires professional care to determine the cause of the tissue strain. A podiatrist will be able to treat the plantar fasciitis quickly with high chances of success with a variety of treatment options. By recognising plantar fasciitis early on, the podiatrist will be able to implement a more effective management plan.


Very often we will finish our assessment of your foot condition with an offer to ‘strap you up’.  For most people, this is a little taste of magic, often reducing the pain by 50% within minutes.


Orthotics are required to resolve the condition for most people.  This is because the underlying cause of fasciitis is poor foot position creating too much tissue on the tissue.  Orthotics have come a long way in recent years and are more comfortable and slim line than ever.  See our page on orthotic types for more information.

Shockwave Therapy

Extra-corporeal shockwave therapy is a treatment that is designed to alert your body to the lingering injury of fasciitis and bring on repair mode.  Blood flow is increased in order to stimulate neovascularisation of the damaged plantar fascia. The shockwave treatment is repeated, often three or four times over a number of weeks. Use of shock wave plantar fasciitis (ESWT, Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, Lithotripsy)

Local Injection

The podiatrist can administer an injection deep into the plantar fascia, allowing a reduction in the pain as well as any abnormal tightness or thickness over a course of 2 weeks to 1 month. This is particularly useful for a complication of fasciitis called Baxter’s nerve entrapment.  You can find information related to prolotherapy  and  Neural Prolotherapy for ligaments, tendons and joints here.

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