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Consultant Podiatrist

Like any professional, each of our podiatrists have their particular strengths and areas where they are less developed.  When you see us for the first time, please let us know if you have a particular problem so we can choose the podiatrist to best help you out. Conditions that might be best directed to particular podiatrists include:  children’s problems, ingrown nails, warts, fungal toenails, ulcers, infections, injuries and sporting issues. This is not necessary for simpler problems such as cracked heels, corns, nail care or diabetes assessments.

The consultant podiatrist may be your best choice if:

  • you have failed with previous therapy from a podiatrist, physiotherapist, doctor or surgeon.
  • have had or are about to have surgery
  • have pain that is interfering with your enjoyment of life
  • have an arthritic condition
  • have leg, knee, hip, back or shoulder pain you think is coming from your feet
  • have tried or are considering cortisone injections
  • Would like to consider shock wave plantar fasciitis treatment (Lithotripsy, ESWT, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) for heel pain, Achilles Tendonitis or other soft tissue disorders of the foot, ankle or leg.
  • if you are just plain getting desperate.

We do our best to make an appointment with our consultant (Stephanie Cosgrove) within a few days if you are in trouble.  Please let the office staff know your circumstances.

Who is our consultant Podiatrist?

Stephanie Cosgrove has 25 years experience as a clinical podiatrist.  She hold an undergraduate and post graduate degree in Podiatry, a Masters degree in Applied Science majoring in podiatry and the very recent degree in Podiatric Therapeutics.  This new degree was created in 2014 to allow podiatrists to access a broader range of drugs including both oral and injectable substances to better treat acute and chronic foot pain in their patients.  At the time of writing, only a few podiatrists in Queensland have completed all of the requirements to be eligible for this endorsement.

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