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The Best Heel Balm

Pedicare Plus

The most important ingredient of a heel moisturiser is Urea.  The ideal product will have 25 % to 30 % urea in an aqueous base. We recommend using Pedicare Plus.  This product is made by an Australian Podiatrist and at $15 / 100g, is significantly less expensive that pharmacy brands that it out performs.

Some of the most popular products on the market are high in Urea but use a ‘waxy’ base to deliver it.  This has a few downsides because the ointment does not rub in well at all.  This leads to:cracks1-150x150

  • using the product once then putting it in the cupboard
  • needing to wear socks to bed
  • staining the carpets
  • creating a slip hazard
  • not working effectively.  If the product is on your skin, it’s not in your skin.
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