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Orthotic Devices

Rolled in feet will often benefit from orthotics.

Rolled in feet will often benefit from orthotics.

A functional orthotic is a custom made arch support that rests inside a shoe.  Orthotics are made to support a foot that is not functioning properly and to correct incorrect patterns of movement. Generally, orthotics will be made for one of two reasons.  Poor foot mechanics can lead to excessive wear and tear on joints and other structures, leading to long term damage.  In these cases, orthotics will be made to prevent damage over time. In the second case, orthotics will be used to relieve existing pain or disability.

There are many, many different styles of orthotic devices incorporating different combinations of materials. Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics can make orthotics to cover any requirement as, unlike some practices, we are not bound to a single manufacturer or orthotic making technology.  We have an in-house laboratory for meeting special needs and all Copythotic™ work is performed on site.

For more orthotic information, please see our info sheets on the following topics: Types of Orthotics, and Do I need Orthotics?.

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