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What are Blisters? A blister is a fluid filled pocket that emerges on the outer layer of the skin due to injury or infection, in response you body develops the blister to cushion the damaged area to prevent any further harm. Having blisters on your feet can be very uncomfortable or painful whilst having to walk throughout the day.Causes and Symptoms The main cause of blisters on the feet...
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Podiatists sterilisation, cleanliness and autoclaves

Podiatists, sterilisation, cleanliness and autoclaves. At Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics, your health and wellbeing is our priority. We are proud to meet or exceed the relevant Australian health care standards for clinic operations as well sterilisation of all reusable items. Each of our clinics is equipped with an on-site autoclave with all of our instrument cleaning completed by our train...
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Foot Specialist Brisbane

Who might need to use a Foot Specialist - Brisbane - What we can treat.  Walk Without Pain Clinics provide non surgical solutions for foot pain.  This may include:A last try of conservative treatment to avoid proposed foot surgery Treatment of pain that has not been resolved by surgery Treatment of new pain that has arisen after foot or lower leg surgery A second opinion b...
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Sports Podiatrist Brisbane

What is Sports Podiatry? Injuries to the foot, leg, or anywhere in the body, occur when the forces placed on a tissue exceed that structure's ability to withstand them. This is true of bone, ligaments, tendons, fascia, skin, nerves and connective tissues. The unbearable forces could be the result of a one-off large force, like a sprain or a badly timed change of direction, or from repeated smal...
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Shoes for plantar fasciitis

As podiatrists, a very common question we are asked is “what shoes should I wear to help my plantar fasciitis?”. We will talk about shoe selection in a moment but it is important to note that shoes alone aren’t the answer to the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Understanding why plantar fasciitis occurs is the first step in understanding what features to look for in a shoe. The plantar...
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Neural prolotherapy

This information relates to prolotherapy for irritated nerves. You can find information related to prolotherapy for ligaments, tendons and joints here.Premise:  An injury of some sort damages a tissue and following this, the nerves that supplies the damaged tissue becomes irritated.  This irritation can continue long after the original injury has settled and can affect the nerve higher or ...
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