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This Months’ Top 10 Foot Complaints seen at Walk Without Pain:

Heel pain and / or arch pain. This type of foot pain will be painful when first standing after rest or sleep and will worsen with extended periods of activity. If left untreated, it can go on for years.

Iliotibial Band syndrome. This is a pain in the side of the buttock while standing, walking or lying on your side in bed. It is often misdiagnosed as sciatica but can usually be treated simply and effectively.

Sacroiliac joint pain. This is a back pain in the bony ‘dimples’ at belt level, about 5 cm on either side of the spine. It is made worse by prolonged standing.

Corns. Corns can be very painful but the relief from treatment is immediate.
Foot pain in the bones of the ball of the foot. May feel like walking on rocks.
Shin splints. Pain up the shin bone on activity, especially running.

Ingrown toenails. Either acute or chronic, ingrown toenails can be a curse. We have the option of using local anaesthetic when removing the offending nail spike if the toe is too tender to touch!

Sore toenails.Not every sore toenail is an ingrown toenail. Corns underneath the nail edge are very common and easy to treat.

Diabetic foot assessments: Keep track of the health of your feet so that they can stay with you for life.

Pain under the kneecaps

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