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Shoe Shape & Pressure Corns

Shoe Shape & Pressure Corns caused by shoe fit

Shoe Shape & Pressure Corns

If you have corns on the little toes or in between the 3rd & 4th  or  4th & 5th toes, chances are the pressure corns are due to one of two things going on.  Perhaps your shoe is too tight for your foot. If this is the case, you will have probably worked it out for yourself. This just leaves you with the choice of whether to forgo the fashion or the pain.

However, if your shoes seem like they should be wide enough but still you get the corns, your shoe shape might not be compatible with your foot shape.  Most people we see with these problems have a very ‘straight’ foot.  The best way to see if this is you, is simply to trace your foot on a piece of paper.  Run a line to bisect the heel and see where it runs with respect to the front of the foot.  Now do the same with the bottom of the shoe.

Looking at the pictures opposite, it should be pretty obvious that a straight foot will be happy the the right shoe and not so happy in the one on the left.  The little toe side of the foot will be subject to a lot of force to push it over into the shoe space.  As we have already discussed, skin + pressure = corns.

To treat this problem, I use in-shoe padding that I call a ‘comet’. Unfortunately, no-one else seems to have the good sense to use the same name but that is what they look like to me and I am going to stick with it 🙂

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