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Our Podiatry Services in Brisbane

Highly Trained Foot Therapists

Podiatrists should be your first choice of health care professionals for disorders of the feet – and for problems that your feet might cause elsewhere in your body. And Walk Without Pain are the Brisbane podiatrist experts.

Examples of foot pain

Poor foot posture might well be the cause of your pain in the shins, knees and kneecaps, buttock and hip, lower and middle back, shoulder blades and, of course, in your foot itself. See the diagram opposite to see how far reaching foot pain can be.

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Central Bookings for all four of our Walk Without Pain! Brisbane Foot and Ankle Clinics: 3256 1006

Now, whether your are having pain when walking, standing, working or playing sports, podiatrist care can put you on the road to recovery. We also know that foot pain can affect anyone. We cater to all walks of life. You will get our best podiatrist care whether you are young or old, an olympian or an office worker, over weight, under the pump or any way at all. So if poor foot function is stopping you being your best podiatrist care can help get you back on your feet!

For example, the picture opposite shows some of the areas that our podiatrists can treat that may surprise you. Pronated / rolled in feet and poor foot posture can cause pain in the shins (shin splints), kneecaps (patellofemoral pain), lateral buttock / hip (iliotibial band syndrome), lower back (sacroiliac joints), middle back, shoulder blades (sub scapular) and, of course, in the foot itself. Some examples of what we treat are listed here. Topics marked with * are discussed simply but fully in the Information Sheet archives.

Sports Podiatry

Sports of all sorts can put extra strain of both the feet and the body as a whole. This is especially so if your foot function is less than perfect. Think about your body as being like a five storey building. If the foundations haven’t been poured correctly, is it any wonder the door frames are out of line in the penthouse?

Together, our sports podiatrist team has over 120 years of experience, 280 hours of extra foot related training each year and we have examined over 550 000 feet.

We can help you perform at your best. Why not call us today and get back in step with living?

Podiatry Brisbane: Central bookings : 3256 1006

Services provided by Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics in Brisbane

If you are interested in more information from Podiatry Brisbane, those topics marked with * are discussed more fully from the drop down menu under the Info Sheets tab. They are free to access and each was written for you by a staff podiatrist from our team.

Common types of Foot Pain:

  • Pain in the Balls of the feet, also known as metatarsalgia*
  • Heel pain, heel spurs, arch pain or plantar fasciitis*
  • Calf muscle or Achilles Tendonitis*
  • Arthritic joint pain
  • Ankle pains & sprains
  • Neuropathy or Numbness & tingling *
  • Morton’s Neuroma/Electric shocks to the toes*
  • Assorted muscle & tendon pains
  • First step out bed / morning pain
  • Inability to stand still for long
  • Sesamoiditis

Pain above the Feet:

  • Shin pain or shin splints*
  • Kneecap pain*
  • Hip or buttock pain (called Iliotibial Band Syndrome)*
  • Lower back pain / sacroiliac joints
  • Central spine & back pain
  • Pain below and between the shoulder blades
  • Headaches and pain in the muscles of the neck and jaw†

Issues of Nails & Skin:

Diabetes & Feet:

  • Patient Education*
  • Foot health Management*
  • Foot Health Assessment*
  • Treatment of disorders of the feet
  • Virtually all muscle, joint and ligament pain in the feet can be treated by our foot doctor in Brisbane. Often these problems are caused by poor foot function/biomechanics (the way bones, joints and soft tissue work) and can really be fixed completely. Even conditions that can’t be cured such as Rheumatoid Arthritis can be relieved if the foot function is made more efficient. Consider that, if you had a sore joint anywhere in your body, and the way that your body used that joint lead to the two bone ends coming together with more force than they needed to, you would expect more pain. By coming for assessment and treatment our foot and ankle clinic, where we can make the joints work more efficiently and more gently, pain can be reduced, even where the underlying condition remains.

    † For example.  Consider what happens when you are on your feet for an hour.  You might suffer from pain from the ground up, feet, legs, back, shoulders & neck pain.  Having the full ‘set’\of painful areas makes it likely that the higher up pains are indeed being caused at foot level. If, on the other hand, you have headaches and sore feet, but none of the other pains, it is less likely that your feet are the cause of your headaches.

    If you have Diabetes, you might also be wondering why your GP might be sending you to a Foot Doctor for help in managing your condition. Our podiatrists have created a very comprehensive guide that is available to you as free foot information. Use this link to read the guide Diabetes and Your Feet.

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