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What is the best treatment for Cracked Heels?

Painful Heel Fissure.

Fortunately, the treatment for cracked heels  is simple, effective and painless.  Knowing that the skin is dead also means that it doesn’t have any nerves and can be removed by the podiatrist painlessly, like a hair cut. If the problem is mild, that may be all that is required.  If the cracks go too deep, you might need a two part cure, with the second appointment around 3 weeks after the first.  If you haven’t already bought heel ointment, hold off until seeing the podiatrist as most commercial preparations are very greasy and pose a slip hazard as well as being time consuming and annoying to apply. Many commercial products are also not strong enough to solve the problem quickly – we recommend a 30% urea preparation. The better the ointment rubs in, the greater the amount of the active ingredient that will get into the skin to the problem areas instead of floating on the surface – for this reason, the cream needs to have an aqueous base rather than a waxy one. The podiatrist will also teach you a taping method that you can do at home that will stop pain straight away if another split should occur.

For more information, please browse to our Cracked Heels Info Sheet. Alternatively, click the following link to return to the Podiatry FAQs Blog.

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