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Sesamoid Bones

The sesamoids are two small bones, a bit smaller than the last joint of your smallest finger. They sit under the 1st metatarsal bone as shown in the diagram and can be traumatized if the big toe joint doesn’t work properly. Both bunions (HAV) and hallux limitus can put the sesamoid bones into a vulnerable position.  When you have a bunion, the sesamoids  are displaced from their grooves in a ‘side-to-side’ direction. The sesamoids get ‘stood on’ by the middle ridge of bone. When you have hallux limitus, the displacement occurs in the forwards-and-backwards direction. To view this Q&A session as a single document  in downloadable / printable format, please browse to our Forefoot Pain Info Sheet.  Use this link to return to the Podiatry FAQs Blog.

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