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Healthy Socks – Anti Bacterial / Fungal / Odour

Copper Socks

Compression style

Copper (and other metals such as silver) can be highly antimicrobial and are commonly used in the treatment of open wounds such as ulcers.

In the case of Aetrex brand Copper Socks, copper ions are incorporated into the yarn prior to spinning which will stay in place for the life of the sock without washing out. Virtually no bacteria or fungi can survive within the sock material – studies site a 99.9% deterrent to organism growth.  Furthermore, studies also suggest skin will become more resilient when exposed to copper ions via this sock for as little as two weeks.

For people with diabetes, the sock seam has been made smooth and flat to prevent rubbing and the leg section is woven specifically to provide some compression to benefit venous return without stopping the circulation.  The socks carry the approval of the world’s foremost body regarding foot matters, the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Other benefits of Copper Socks include a pronounced reduction in foot, sock and shoe odour, effective wicking of moisture away from the skin and the inclusion of some light padding for comfort.

copper socks

The Aextrex Copper Socks come in:

  • Athletic style :  low cut, ankle high, and crew lengths.  Colours Black and White.
  • Non Binding :  Ankle and crew lengths.  Colours Black and White.
  • Compression :  Calf length only.   Colours Beige, Black, Brown, Dk Blue.
  • General Wear : Mid Calf and crew length.  Colours  Beige, Black, Brown, Dk Blue.


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