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podiatry cryptic crossword

Podiatry Cryptic Crossword

4.Live long and prosper digitally? Alternatively, you could plan picnic tarp for late night snacks. (7,5)
7.Both trainers’ circuits were disturbed. What a pain in the bum ! (12,8)
9.A naevus by any other name… dig it?
10.The Kettles lay separated by most of a pillow. It was quite catchy.
12.Rue those sentimental feelings that took off South to dull the nerves.
13.What coal pouch cysts might contain.
15.That bloody noise !
20.Mostly, one Pipe runs back to stop bad reactions.
22.It sounds like they want to follow us two.
24.I contort to make a stricture.
26.Alternatively, swear rates go up as we go viral.
27.The boyfriend of a really fun girl.
28.When I bit furnace, I was shaken and red.
30.Our main culture has been altered to keep sliders in place.
32.It is not as mysterious as Bermuda’s, but this sounds like chook pens to me.
33.Half my supper oozed back out.
34.The gang reneged about the dry rot.
36.Foreman in a hole.
40.You, get out of court ! Is one used to settle down ?
41.I stumble under the weight of a levy Idaho inherited.
42.Progeny of Pablo Picassoid?
43.We don’t all work this hard for porches!

1.This clump made my heart race.
2.There is a shake up in apocalytical ashes. Did it plaque Achilles in his youth? (9,11)
3.My favourite band comes from Saltpan, Africa. (7,6)
5.I scattered a cold harmonica when I could no longer pray.
6.It used to be horses’ for courseness
8.It’s hip to have a vinegar cup (or two).
11.Impose true capsule around the hard parts.
14.Stop your weeping ! After supplying shelter to the pigs, the head of Podiatry developed a nervous affliction.
16.Its hard to call, uses too much to run together.
17.Sleep prone? Why should I ? (10,11)
18.Is rat Suni’s ? You take that back ! (5,5)
19.Want short, hot icecubes to flow through to good standing?
21.Weep when you consider what to call her when you had night out with your former spouse.
23.What I made on the inlaws when I ran over their dog. (8,10)
25.You might drive in all ten.
29.Wow, that is one great toe !
31.I once met a tar salesman and we used to run together.
35.Watch out for that bump. Right in the middle of to, my horse broke into a trot.
37.What would you use to tidy up a junior lifesaver?
38.American. Shaken and numb.
39.Sometimes it’s as high as a elephant’s eye. More often. it is flush with the ground.

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