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Podiatrist Brisbane

Why choose Walk Without Pain Podiatrist Brisbane ?

Our team of 9 podiatrists means we can offer appointments six days per week.
We share 100 years of experience.
We have seen nearly 50,000 of Brisbane’s feet.
We offer a consultant podiatrist Brisbane for complex problems and prior treatment failures.

We offer affordable orthotic choices.  You may find your treatment wholly covered by health insurance.

We are not owned by an orthotic laboratory – we can choose to make what is best for you.

Our Podiatrist Brisbane staff are stable, staying with us for the long term, where they are developed to be great practitioners.

Our fees are fair.


Podiatrist BrisbaneSo , if you find that you need a podiatrist Brisbane, I can recommend each member of our professional team to you.  If you have a specific problem, please let the front desk know when you call as we each have our particular strengths. Below is a list of some of the things that I think we do best.

Stephanie Cosgrove.

Owner, founder and consultant podiatrist.

Walk Without Pain !


Plantar fasciitis:  Heel spurs : Heel pain.  We can offer a range of treatment options that very few clinics in Australia can match. We can run the gamut of treatments from front line / first aid style treatment, to the ‘last resort’ methods needed for recalcitrant cases. Simple plantar fascia bracing can be applied at your first visit and offers immediate pain relief, typically 50% reduction of pain in a matter of hours.  Our orthotic choices allow a range of flexibilities to suit patients, be they older, younger, more active or geared towards heavier builds. We offer shock wave treatment which is proving to be useful in tipping patients from chronic inflammation into healing mode.  Lastly, three of our podiatrists are doing post graduate study to better use oral and injectable drugs for the worst of conditions.  Happily, this is rarely required as our success rate with non-invasive treatments is excellent.

Orthotic options:  Read about our choices orthotic types:


Pain:  The most important questions when dealing with chronic pain or prior treatment failures are:  exactly what structures are painful and why are they having this problem?  Rushing into treatment before we know the answers to these questions is often at the root of intervention failure.  We take the time to learn about your condition and have a great relationship with local radiologists to get the best results from any investigations.


Children:  We have developed a method of making excellent children’s orthotics that are more cost effective, often covered entirely by medical insurers.  This makes it less painful to update your children’s orthotics as required, rather than trying to make each expensive pair last as long as possible.

Podiatrist Brisbane

Injuries: We do our best to see you today if you are in pain.


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