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For your convenience we have created our Online Bookings system for podiatry appointments


online bookings


Click on the ‘Book Online’ icon to take you to the Online Bookings Portal

1. Choose a clinic location (Toombul, Indooroopilly, Bribie Island or Hamilton)

2. Select ‘any practitioner’ or your preferred practitioner from the list of names

3. Enter your preferred dates and times


Top 10 Foot Complaints seen this month:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis. If you haven’t heard of this – basically heel pain and / or arch pain. It is more commonly called Heel Spurs Plantar fascia injuries are most painful when taking the first steps in the morning and also after exercising. Whilst it might eventually go away by itself, if left untreated it can last for years.
  2. Ingrown Toenails.  Whether it has been irritating you for a short or a long time it can easily be fixed by removing the spike piercing the skin down the side of your nail. If you toe is very tender we can use a local anaesthetic, so you wont feel a thing!
  3. Shin Splints.  Presents as pain around the shin bone, especially when running.
  4. Pain in the ball of the foot.  Patients sometimes describe is as feeling like a rock under the foot .
  5. Heel Pain in Kids. Especially at the back of the heels in growing children.
  6. Diabetic Foot Assessment. Keep track of the health of your feet & lead a health lifestyle for longer.
  7. Iliotibial Band Syndrome. This structure stretches down the side of your leg. Pain is usually at the side of the buttock or knee. Treatment is effective & simple .
  8. Corns. Easily removed by our podiatrists providing instant relief.
  9. Pain under the Knee Caps. 
  10. Sacroiliac Joint Pain. Located at the lower back at belt level where bony dimples are visible. Pain increases in intensity after standing for a long time.
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