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Importance of an Orthotic Review

Orthotics work by correcting the structural alignment of the feet and legs, this reduces excess strain on particular structures (joints, ligaments, muscles) that may be causing you pain. Orthotic devices ensure that while you are walking or running the right muscles are being activated at the right time. This ensures you move efficiently without overworking anything. In this Info sheet we will discuss the process of being prescribed orthotics and the importance of the orthotic review appointment. For information on the different types of orthotic devices we offer click here.

Biomechanical assessment

Orthotics Correct Alignment
Orthotics Correct Alignment

A biomechanical assessment is a series of measurements, tests and observations that a podiatrist will conduct to gain an understanding of the way in which the bones, ligaments and muscles in your feet and legs interact while you are walking or running. Once we know what factors are contributing to the pain we can prescribe a treatment regime. Treatment may include activity modification, stretches, strengthening regime, foot wear advice, therapeutic modalities or orthotics. Whether or not you need orthotics will be discussed and if pursued measurements need to be taken with both your feet and shoes in mind.

Dispense appointment

At the dispense appointment the podiatrist will ensure that the orthotics fit against your foot and in your shoes.

The wearing in process consists of wearing your orthotics for a couple of hours on the first day and then increasing this by an hour each day. Essentially after 1 week you should be able to wear your orthotics for a whole day without discomfort.

We don’t recommend you return for your review appointment until 2-3 weeks after your dispense appointment. This is because it takes approximately 10 days for your body to become accustomed to your new orthotics. Your feet and brain need this amount of time to get used to the new alignment before we seek your feedback on how your orthotics are feeling.

Review appointment

The review appointment can be the most important appointment because if your orthotics aren’t feeling just quite right there are many adjustments we can make to rectify this. Additionally, once your body has gotten used to your new orthotics we reassess for any changes in your stance and gait (walking).

Yearly review appointment

At this appointment the podiatrist will review your initial symptoms, review footwear and re assess your strength, flexibility and gait. Also, general wear and tear of your orthotic will be assessed as you may need new covering materials.

Remembering to schedule an appointment in a year can be difficult; if it is convenient for you we are able to send you a reminder SMS or letter.

If you are overdue for your yearly review appointment, phone us 3256 1006 to make an appointment. If you are happy with your current orthotics a second pair is cheaper as we are able to use the same script, this may save you the hassle of swapping them between shoes.

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