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How long will I take to get better / recover from plantar fasciitis?

How Long will It take to recover from plantar fasciitis

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At the first appointment with our podiatrist, several things usually are achieved. Firstly, a diagnosis will be reached.  Secondly, treatment options will be discussed and thirdly treatment will be commenced if you elect to do so.  One additional step that we can perform is to apply a particular kind of taping to the foot.  This taping binds the two ends of the arch together into a shortened position.  This will take the tension off the fascial band immediately.  People do vary in their response to treatment but I usually tell people that it will reduce the pain by 50% within half an hour.  This is usually either pretty accurate and sometimes even an underestimate. When the tape comes off three days later though, the pain will return with the same speed that it left. This brings us to an interesting point that has implications down the track.  Specifically that the pain can be relieved even when the problem isn’t actually resolved at all. Usually, orthotics will be ready for you in about a week, during which time you may elect to be taped up again.  Unlike the tape, which grabs your foot and gives it no option but to adopt a new style of movement, It will often take 10 days before your orthotics work to peak efficiency.  This delay occurs because the foot will start out wanting to continue to work in the same pattern it always has done.

Our clinic requests that you return in three weeks after the orthotics are dispensed for an assessment.  This time frame is no accident ! Usually, at the three week mark, you will have had a good improvement and have happy news to report.  However, as I alluded to above, it is possible to take away the pain without actually solving the problem.  The enthesis (explained above) has very, very poor blood flow and you should assume that it will take about three months of walking around with little or no pain before the damage to the fascial tissue is healed. This means that, while your orthotics are off, you will still be able to have some pain.  This is particularly so of first-step pain in the mornings.  You should try hard not to experience pain for two reasons.  Firstly, pain hurts! Secondly, pain means damage is occurring.  Too much pain (i.e. re-injury) will slow down your healing unnecessarily.

For more information, please browse to our Plantar Fasciitis Info Sheet. Alternatively, click the following link to return to the Podiatry FAQs Blog.

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