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Ganglion Cyst Treatment

ganglion cyst

A blister-like ganglion cyst

To treat a ganglion cyst you need to Protect it.  The fluid inside the cyst is highly nutritious to bacteria and has very poor access to your bodies healing mechanisms. If the fluid gets infected, it is a big deal to try to clear the bugs away. Often this would mean a hospital stay and intravenous antibiotics.

Ganglions form from an extrusion at a weak point in a joint or tendon. This weak point is subject to break naturally from time to time.  Using our analogy of a ganglion being shaped like a hot air balloon, if the break occurs at the ‘basket end’. it is likely to scar over and be the end of the ganglion.  If it occurs at the top of the cyst, it is likely to heal and reform just the same.

  • To avoid infection, don’t puncture the ‘blister’.
  • Protect it from being rubbed open.
  • If it is a vulnerable position, surgically tying it off may be the best solution.

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