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How do I treat my Plantar Wart?

plantar wart
Plantar Wart close up.

If you have a regular wart on your knee, etc. see the chemist for some wart paint.  You will have a good chance of killing a soft wart with a strong paint.  The same is true of warts on the non-weight bearing parts of the foot such as the top or the arch. On the bottom of your foot, you have only a very small chance of killing a wart because the architecture of the skin has been mutated by the wart virus and will be very tough. It would be in your best interests to see a doctor or podiatrist early.

As time passes, the wart will grow bigger.  With each failed attempt to kill it, it will get more likely to spread, angrier and more difficult to kill.  If you (or the Dr) make a scar through the wart but don’t kill it all, future attempts to kill it are made much more difficult as wart cells harbouring the infectious virus can hide away in clefts in the scar tissue and be very hard to eradicate.  More information is available at our printable Plantar Warts Info Sheet. Alternately, use this link to return to the Podiatry FAQs Blog.

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