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Gap Free Orthotics Brisbane

Gap Free Orthotics: Custom made Orthotics Brisbane

We are located at Indooroopilly, Toombul, Hamilton and Bribie Island for your convenience. Our team of 10 podiatrists have shared experience of over 120 years. With 280 hours of extra training each year and over 550,000 feet treated, if you’ve got it, our Brisbane based Podiatrists have seen it and fixed it before! Walk Without Pain are pleased to offer gap free orthotics at each four of our Podiatry Centres.

Types of Gap Free Orthotics available.

On average, it takes about a week for the orthotics to be ready.  Different sorts of orthotics have different lifespans and are used for different purposes. The information below about types of devices has more information on orthotic styles. However, this is mostly a clinical decision that should by guided by your podiatrist. The correct choice for you is determined largely by your age, foot type and symptoms but influenced by your preferences and style of footwear. The gap free orthotics are not different to our regular orthotic offerings, meaning you are not disadvantaged by this choice.  Each of our clinics has HICAPS claiming on site, so only the out of pocket component (if any) is payable by you.

Financial details of the offer for Gap Free Orthotics.
  • How does payment for gap free orthotics work? The threshold of required payment is $400.This means if your private health insurance rebates you less than $400, you only pay the difference, of up to $400!
  • How much? The allowance for orthotics with most private health funds is between $400 – $500. We recommend checking your coverage to see how much your private health fund covers.
  • If you would like to check ahead with your fund, it is useful to have the item codes on hand when calling them – see the bottom of the page for details

Make the most of your private health insurance by calling us on 3256 1006 today!

 Terms of the Offer for Gap Free orthotics:
  • The offer requires that you pay any shortfall of our minimum acceptable fee of $400 per pair or orthotics.
  • The presence or absence of a shortfall can usually be determined at the initial consultation by swiping the health insurance card through our HICAPS terminal.
  • This information can also be found by calling your insurer directly.
  • You MUST inform us of your intention to claim this offer at the time of placing the orthotic order.  If you have read this page after your orthotic has been ordered, it cannot be claimed retrospectively.


Types of orthotics available as gap free orthotics


Fully functional orthotics in sandals

Functional Polypropylene Orthotic Devices

  • The model of your foot contour is made by scanning electronically to create an accurate 3D model of each foot.
  • The biomechanical imperfections can be corrected using this digital model. This then gives us a perfect ‘virtual foot’ that is aligned how your foot should be.
  • The benefits of these plastic shell orthotics are that they are only 3 mm thick.  This, along with their light weight, means they can be accomodated in a multitude of sandals and shoes for men, women and children.
  • They can have varying amount of flex built in for comfort and can be covered or naked depending on the use for which they are intended.


EVA / Soft Orthotic: Gap Free Orthotics

  • Most orthotics referred to as ‘soft’ orthotics are made of a closed cell rubber called EVA. These have some desirable features, especially when used for sports.
  • As they are a bulkier option, soft orthotics are often not suitable for feminine shoes as they can limit your choice of footwear quite markedly.

Softer/smaller orthotic options: Copythotic

Gap Free orthotics

EVA or Soft orthotic


We can also supply our patented (pending) Copythotic orthotic devices under our Gap Free Orthotic offer.  This relies on reinterpreting an existing orthotic device to create a totally new orthotic. A Copythotic is made from a range of orthotic materials and in combining these, can be made anywhere on the firmness continuum. It is generally eligible for our Gap Free orthotics offer.

About Copythotics:

  • A Copythotic can be made to any thickness required, down to 1.5 mm thick. Any orthotic can be reinterpreted to fit into 95% of shoe possibilities.
  • In some cases, a very, very small orthotic may no longer fulfil enough of its original function be worthwhile. Therefore, an individual assessment is necessary.
  • We have found that around 60% of our customers choose to use Copythotics because their previous devices do not fit into their existing or desired footwear.
  • Most of the information we need about your feet has already been captured in your existing orthotic device. We can work with orthotics that were made by other practitioners. We can also modify the orthotic to a moderate degree to correct errors in the original device.
  • Another other benefit is that Copythotics can be made very small and as hard or soft as we please.  We have found that around 40% of our customers elect to get Copythotics because their previous devices have been uncomfortably hard.
  • The original orthotics are returned unharmed. A Copythoticis an exact copy of an existing device. This means that you will need to have an existing insert that can be supplied to our podiatrists. You can learn more about Copythotics here!

Simple insole

“Lesser” orthotic options includes our custom made padded insoles. Our podiatry clinics still make traditional “old-school” padded insoles in-house. These can be a very useful option for addressing pressure areas, relieving corns and treating milder mechanical complaints. An additional benefit is that these insoles are relatively inexpensive and would not absorb a significant amount of your orthotic allowance from your private health fund.


Simple insole


Item codes and prices:

The following codes take their benefits from the ‘podiatry treatment’ pool of money.  Most funds have podiatry as a separate pool. However some funds might have a combined total with other sorts of allied health providers.

  • F004 – $75.00
  • F118 – $80.00
  • F301 – $30.00

The following items often come from the pool of money for ‘appliances’ . This included walking sticks, hearing aids and wigs for chemotherapy, amongst other things.

  • F221 and F221 – Left and Right orthotics – $225.00 each
  • F381 and F381 – Left and Right padding/covers – $15 if applicable


Terms and conditions for Gap Free Orthotics offer:

  • The Gap Free Orthotics offer discussed above includes most of our orthotic devices
  • Some exclusions will apply for very costly items (for example carbon fibre plates). This is also true for high labour-intensive work which could be required in severe conditions. This will be able to be determined at your initial appointment.
  • In many cases, the examination of your condition and the making of the foot model can be done at the initial consultation. We can then move on to making the devices ready for collection in one week.
  • Sometimes, there may be a need to delay the ordering of the orthotics until the follow up visit. For example, if more information is required by way of an x-ray, ultrasound or trial of a type of treatment. In this case, standard fees will be payable for the consultation claimable from your health insurance.
  • Our fees are shown by accessed by the drop-down menu “Contact Us” and selecting your nearest location

Information about specific Health Insurers:

BUPA Orthotics:  Walk Without Pain is a BUPA Members First podiatry provider.  This means that we have been accepted by BUPA as a reliable practice.  Also, BUPA is happy to refer their customers to see our team.  There are two particular benefits of using a BUPA preferred podiatrist. You get both a lower cost of visit (by around 10 %) and a higher rebate compared to other providers.

MBP Orthotics / Medibank Private Orthotics: Walk Without Pain is a MBP Preferred   for podiatry.  This means that  Medibank Private have accepted us as a reliable practice. MBP is happy to refer their customers to see our team.  There are two particular benefits of using a MBP preferred podiatrist. You get both a lower cost of visit (by around 10 %). and a higher rebate compared to other providers (again by around 10%).

HCF Orthotics and all other health funds.  In Australia, podiatrists aren’t required to be registered with each health fund individually. This is co-ordinated through AHPRA and the HICAPS software.  All of our podiatrist are therefore able to treat members of any health fund for our Gap Free orthotics service.

Information about cheap orthotics:

Our cheap orthotics are only cheaper in price, not in construction.   Cheap orthotics – get them by accessing our Gap Free Orthotic offer 🙂


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