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Foot neuropathy treatment


Foot Neuropathy Treatment.

Foot neuropathy treatment If your podiatrist or doctor detects neuropathy:

  • Beware consciously of temperature extremes as your feet may not feel them.  Don’t use hot packs or cold packs, don’t put your feet close to radiators or fires, don’t get sunburned and be aware of what surfaces might be hot.  Remember how hot the sand used to get when you were a child? Concrete paths, balcony rails etc are still just as hot and can cause a severe burn, even if you cant feel it.
  • Don’t test water temperature with feet or soak in a hot foot bath.
  • Don’t soak in any foot bath. It won’t help anything and it might cause a problem.
  • Don’t go barefoot inside or out.
  • Don’t use pumice stones.
  • Be wary of ripping skin with strong sticking plasters.
  • Don’t wear thongs.
  • Don’t use garters or socks so tight that there is a visible mark on removal.
  • Inspect shoes before putting them on every time.

Finally, remember that looking after your feet mostly involves looking after yourself as a whole.  Controlling your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight will have the biggest effect on how you fare in the long term.

Foot neuropathy treatment

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