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What is the difference between a podiatrist and chiropodist?

Podiatrist is the same as a ChiropodistIn Australia, the term Chiropodist has been officially retired since 1977 and replaced with Podiatrist.  Prior to this date, Chiropodists were an unregulated profession and, with the decision to register all approved practitioners, the term was changed to avoid confusion. Since then, Podiatrists have been university trained and are endorsed to administer certain regulated drugs, such as local anaesthetics.  The undergraduate podiatry degree takes four years as a specialty strand of a Bachelor of Health Science.   Prior to this, Chiropodist were mostly self-taught ex-nurses or learned their trade in a loose apprenticeship with a more experienced clinician.

Podiatrists do all of the things that chiropodists had done in the past. This mainly would include toenail issues, corns, callus, warts and rough skin. Podiatrists also treat biomechanical complaints by use of orthotic devices / orthotics / arch supports / strapping / physical therapy / mobilisation / injection therapy and more. We help with complaints of:

  • heel pain / plantar fasciitis / heel spurs
  • shin pain
  • knee pain / chondromalacia patella
  • hip pain / trochanteric pain / ITB
  • back pain / sacro-iliac pain
  • nerve pain / neuralgia / neuropathy
  • injuries / sprains / strains
  • childhood conditions / Sever’s disease
  • painful feet and legs
  • Non-healing wounds and diabetic complications.
  • Many other ailments of the foot and lower limb.

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