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Children’s Feet

As children grow and begin crawling, walking, running and playing sport it can be difficult for a parent to know what is normal development and what is not.

At Walk Without Pain Brisbane our 9 fully qualified and accredited podiatrists have extensive experience in paediatric podiatry. Any leg, ankle or foot problem – we have seen it!

If your child complains of sore, tired or painful legs and feet – we recommend a podiatric assessment.

You may also happen to notice your child avoids standing, walking, running or (if younger) they frequently want to be carried or pushed in the pram. It is also important to be aware of abnormally flat feet, ‘pigeon-toed’ (feet turned in) or ‘penguin’ (feet turned out) walking and ‘tip-toe walking’ (heels not touching the ground).

 Orthotics for Children

We understand that orthotics for GROWING children may be a worry – especially if they need to be replaced as your child’s feet grow. For this reason we take advantage of computer technology to lower the manufacturing costs resulting in more affordable orthotics.

Health fund cover for children’s orthotics – if you have private health insurance they may cover the whole cost of these orthotics with no gap (this will depend on you level of cover and insurer).

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