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What is Buerger’s Disease / Thromboangiitis Obliterans?

Buerger's Disease or Thromboangiitis ObliteransBuerger's Disease is a reasonably rare condition in which the small blood vessels of the hands and feet are occluded (or blocked) by inflammation of the vessels.  This inflammation is called vasculitis.  The reduced flow of blood will cause pain in the short term.  If it continues for a long enough period, patches of skin and other tissues in the h...
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Shoe Shape & Pressure Corns

If you have corns on the little toes or in between the 3rd & 4th  or  4th & 5th toes, chances are the pressure corns are due to one of two things going on.  Perhaps your shoe is too tight for your foot. If this is the case, you will have probably worked it out for yourself. This just leaves you with the choice of whether to forgo the fashion or the pain.However, if your shoes seem like t...
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How do you treat a soft corn?

How to treat a corn between the toes? How to best treat a soft corn between the toes depends on a number of factors.The photograph opposite shows a corn at the very apex or the skin between the digits.  These are very tricky to remove because the good skin rises up around the corn on all sides, making it impossible for the owner to attempt self treatment. See a podiatrist to have the corn painle...
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What is a soft corn?

What is an interdigital corn? What is that painful white sore between my little toes? If you look at the opposite picture showing the bones of the lesser toes, you will see that they are quite knobbly little things.  There is quite a prominent flare out of the base of each of the bones. If you have the misfortune to have two of these knobbly parts adjacent to each other, the small piece of skin be...
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Dance Foot Injury: What is Trigger Toe?

What is 'Trigger Toe'? Why does my big toe 'click' or 'lock' when I dance?If you look at the top of the foot and claw your toes, you will see the long ropey structures that work your toes move beneath the skin. The one that leads to the big toe is called the Flexor Hallucis Longus tendon.  If the FHL tendon can't slide freely as it contracts and elongates, it can become move outside the groove ...
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Dance Foot Injury : Pain pointing my foot ?

Why do I have pain pointing my foot? Why do I have trouble/pain when stretching my ankle? What is an Os Trigonum?Podiatrists call this condition Posterior impingement, which is a condition where the soft tissues within the foot become pinched between back lip of the tibia (the main leg bone) and the talus (the deep ankle bone) during extreme stretching/pointing of the ankle. In some cases, the ...
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Why is my Demi Pointe position so low?

Why is my demi pointe position so low? A 'demi pointe' position requires a dancer to rise high on the balls of their feet.To achieve a 'demi pointe' position, the joint between the toes and the foot must be able to move to a 90 degree angle of bend. In some people this is impossible due to a ridge of bone that physically blocks the movement from being able to go far enough.  This is called Hallu...
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Dance Foot Injury – Does pointe work cause bunions?

Does Pointe work cause Bunions? There is no single cause of bunions which occur due to a complex interaction of many factors. Due to structural reasons related to bone shape and joint stability, some people are predetermined to get bunions regardless of their footwear and activity choices. What can be influenced is the rate and severity of bunion formation.Dancing 'en pointe' involves concent...
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What is an Avulsion Fracture?

Avulsion FractureAn avulsion fracture occurs when some soft tissue (either a tendon or a ligament) is subjected to an excessive sudden force. A good way to think of this is to imagine a rope that has been nailed onto a plaster wall being pulled on very hard. If everything is solid enough, nothing bad will happen.  It might be that the rope is the weakest link and will break - meaning a tendo...
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What is Freiberg’s Disease?

Freiberg's DiseaseFreiberg's disease refers to a painful condition mostly affecting the 2nd metatarsal head. This is the bony 'knuckle' in the ball of the foot behind the 2nd toe. What is Freiberg's Disease? The term is also used when the 3rd or 4th metatarsal bones are affected, though these are much less common. Over 80% of cases affect females and most commonly occur in young women up to ...
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