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The Best Podiatrist in Brisbane & Surrounding Areas

Do you suffer from Foot Pain? We have over 120 years of combined experience and have examine more than half a million feet.  We constantly strive to provide the best podiatrist Brisbane facilities and training. Whatever your problem, we have seen it and treated it before. As one of Brisbane’s longest established podiatry clinics, our Walk Without Pain team are well placed to meet all of your family’s foot care needs.  Wouldn’t it be nice to Walk Without Pain, again?

Virtually all muscular, joint and ligamentous pain in the feet can be treated by our Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics.

Custom Made Foot OrthoticsEverything you need to know about custom made foot orthotics: Brisbane’s broadest range of orthotic types.

Fungal Toenails Laser Treatment BrisbanePrevention, drug treatments, laser therapy and paint on solutions. Get the facts about your choices here.

Consultant Podiatrist For Severe Foot PainWe have a consultant podiatrist on staff to help with stubborn pain, previously failed therapy or severe foot pain.

Meditating GirlMany times, complaints causing pain – not just in the feet – but also through the hips, knees, back, shoulders and neck are caused by poor foot function.  These are biomechanical issues, related to the way bones, joints and soft tissue work.  Many times, biomechanical issues can be fixed completely. Even conditions that can’t be cured, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis for example, can be relieved if the foot function is made more efficient. Read More…

It is because feet are SO important to the proper working of the rest of your body, you need to demand the best from your podiatrist care. You might think about your feet as being like the foundations of a tall building.  If something isn’t right at ground level, it isn’t surprising that the windows on the 10th floor get jammed. It is also very important to consider how feet and alignment issues can play out over time.  To use another analogy, poor foot posture causes a change in the pattern and degree of wear and tear on multiple body parts – a bit like driving a car around that needs a wheel alignment.  The most obvious places where poor foot function created extra wear and tear are:  in the 33 joints, and over 100 muscles tendons and ligaments in the foot and ankle, and in the three joints in each knee complex.Regardless of  your complaint, the good news is that we consider that we have the best podiatrist Brisbane facilities, as well as a team of world-class foot doctors ready, willing and able to address your problems. We deliver these services at a very affordable rate.

Walk Without Pain podiatry clinics believe in making great healthcare available to our fellow residents here in Brisbane. Established in 1991, we have dedicated decades to attending to more than half a million feet. With the latest technology ready to use in our clinics and team that has over 120 years combined experience behind them, you can rely on a fresh perspective and our best attention to your complaint – even where others interventions have previously failed.


How Small Things Lead To Big Problems

Another example that can go ignored by thousands of people every year, is an infection of the toenails. Discolouration is a sure sign that a fungal infection has taken root. This can eventually lead to the nail disintegrating and lifting, and for a lot of debris to become lodged underneath. While none of this is very appealing to look at, the other problem here is that fungal infections can spread into other toes and very quickly you can have a painful and unsightly problem.

Many people suffer needlessly with ingrown toenails and pain in their feet while they walk. Again, there are effective solutions for a multitude of foot related problems here at Walk Without Pain. Our orthotics are much more affordable when compared to what is on offer at other podiatry clinics.  This is partly due to our clinics being owned by the podiatrists, not by shareholders. Additionally, because we are not owned by an orthotic making laboratory, we can choose who will manufacture your orthotics from the broadest range of suppliers. We also are equipped to make orthotic devices in house for unique situations.


Free Your Feet From Pain

At Walk Without Pain, our patients’ well-being is our primary concern. We love what we do and we want you to benefit from our extensive training and experience so that you can move comfortably through the world for years to come. Informing and arming our patients with the kind of preventative solutions they can practice at home ensures that, while we provide the physical solutions and treatments, you can sustain their impact by engaging in self-care at home.

So, what are you waiting for? In dedication to our cause of helping you to Walk WithoutPain, we believe we are the best podiatrist Brisbane has to offer. Book your appointment with us today and free your feet from pain.

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