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Pregnancy and Feet

Pregnancy and Feet Leg and foot pain is experienced by many women during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester when your baby bump is getting bigger. The most common issues associated with leg and foot pain include plantar fasciitis (heel or arch pain), swelling, varicose veinaroonies and cramping.   Plantar fasciitis  Pregnant women often experience [...]

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Running Shoes

How to choose the best running shoe? WHERE TO BUY: If you are reading this, you have probably been disappointed with your shoe choices in the past. Before you make your next purchase, here are some things to think about to get the best from your new purchase. There can be a huge difference between [...]

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GETTING YOUR FEET READY FOR SUMMER SANDALS & FOOTWEAR After having your feet hidden away in winter shoes/boots it can be a scary when it comes time for summer sandals. Lack of sunshine as well as ill-fitting winter footwear causes friction which leads to unsightly corns and callous'. Closed in shoes also don't allow the foot [...]

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Why do you get plantar fasciitis?

Why do you get plantar fasciitis?     Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of a thing called the plantar fascia in the heel and arch of the feet. There are several risk factors that can play in together to cause damage to the tissue and pain to come on. When some or all of these [...]

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Hallux Limitus – ‘Stiff Big Toe’

Hallux Limitus - 'Stiff Big Toe'   Even though the big toe is only a small part of your body, if it becomes stiff and painful it can make it difficult to walk normlly. Hallux is a term used by podiatrists for the big toe. Hallux limitus is a condition that involves the joint at the base of [...]

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Chilblains      In winter podiatrists see more patients that present with chilblains. This is because chilblains are a medical condition that is due to an abnormal skin reaction to the cold. Chilblains appear on the skin as small itchy patches that are swollen, discoloured and painful. The discolouration may be pink, red, blue or white. [...]

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Hot or Cold for Pain Relief

Hot or cold?  What is best on an injury?   After an injury, you might want to use an ice pack - or would heat be better.  We will look at the pros and cons of hot vs cold in treating various injuries. Icing  Icing involves placing something cold onto the skin to decrease the temperature of [...]

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Sports Injury Treatment: RICE

Kids Sports Injury Treatment: RICE    It’s that time of year again to sign your kids up for winter sporting teams. Whether it is soccer, netball, hockey, and the list goes on. During the sporting season the occasional rolled or sprained ankle may occur especially in sports which require a lot of running and change of direction. Therefore it is valuable for parents to be familiar with RICE, an acronym that is helpful in remembering the [...]

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Lisfranc injury

What is a Lisfranc injury?   The foot has two major joints that allow you to walk across uneven surfaces. One of these joints runs crossways across the mid section of the foot, as shown in the diagram. It is where the small block-like bones from the back of the foot join onto the base [...]

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Osgood Schlatter ‘s Disease

X Ray of an knee with Osgood Schlatter 's disease. Osgood Schlatter 's Disease Osgood Schlatter 's disease is a condition that affects the small growth plate that exists at the 'bump' at the very top of the shin bone, directly below the kneecap (patella). The bump is called the tibial tuberosity and [...]

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